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2ndLine Apk is a free app which avails users of the mobile number of the USA and Canada for calling and messages.

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Name 2ndLine
Package Name com.enflick.android.tn2ndLine
Category Tools  
Size 103.3 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Last Updated May 7, 2024

2ndline Apk is a communication application that enables you to make a second phone (from the USA or Canada) number for professional purposes. This app is developed by TextNow Inc. This application creates a second phone line so you can separate your private life and professional life.

2ndLine Apk

This app simply lets you choose a new phone number that functions just like your original phone number. This phone number will work on your cellular data connection or via wifi. With this second phone number, you can make unlimited free calls and text messages within the USA and Canada.

However, International calls are chargeable but cheap. International calls have a reasonable charge. Among many other useful features, the best feature of the 2ndline app is that the number is password protected. So only you can get access to calls and texts related to the phone number.


Users will receive 10 mins straight to call from the available USA or Canada mobile number. The free version has certain limitations, like there is no voicemail or auto-reply option. The cheapest option to avail Premium version is $4.99, which adds more time to your calls and allows you to forward or record your calls without any problem.

Features of 2ndline: second phone number apk:

  1. Get a local phone number: get your very own second local phone number for the USA or Canada. 
  2. Unlimited text and image messages: you can make free calls and send text messages and images for free throughout the USA or Canada.
  3. Cheap international calls: international calls are at a reasonable and affordable cost.
  4. Make and receive calls: you can make outgoing calls and receive incoming calls just as you do with your original phone number. The only difference is that this works on an internet connection.
  5. Image messaging: you can send, receive and save pictures over messages without any additional charges.
  6. Transcripted voicemail: your voice mails are completely transcripted, which protects your privacy. So you do not have to worry about your voicemail being heard by someone else.
  7. Signatures: you can add your own signatures to messages which adds a personal touch.
  8. Customisable background: you can customise the chat background as per your wish. You can change with the background and apply any image of your choice.
  9. Password protection: all your calls and messages on the second phone number are protected by the password. So only you can have access to the second phone number and activities that are carried out using that number.
  10.  Supported on many devices: this application is supported on any device with an Android version above 4.0.
  11.  Safety: this application is extremely safe to use. There is no risk of privacy leakage.
  12. This application is available for free.



This App has so many benefits, from providing free USA mobile numbers to having anonymity. But the limitations of 2ndLine is that you cannot call other countries except USA and Canada, neither can you use other countries’ numbers. The Pop-up ads can be removed easily with the premium option.

Sometimes you might find a network error while being online. This error is seen very frequently in the free version due to technical issues of having lower bandwidth. The voice might also tremble or go mute due to network issues, but that happens very less in the latest version.


2ndline: second phone number apk is an extremely useful tool for anyone who needs another phone number for professional purposes. This app gives you the benefits of using two separate mobile phones in one. This app also lets you use any android tablet as a mobile phone. This means you can make calls and send messages through your tablet as well.

Reviewed by: Aditia Alting

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