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Abandoned City Survival is a game where you must survive in an abandoned city.

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Name Abandoned City Survival
Package Name abandoned.city.survival
Category Strategy  
MOD Features All Unlimited
Version 1.0.11
Size 248.2 MB
Requires Android 7.0 and up
Last Updated December 31, 2023

What is Abandoned City Survival Mod?

Abandoned City Survival Mod APK for Android is an exciting and immersive survival game that puts you in the shoes of a survivor stranded in a post-apocalyptic world. In this thrilling adventure, you must scavenge resources to craft tools and weapons while fighting off hordes of mutated creatures and other survivors who are also trying to survive.

With its unique blend of action, exploration, crafting elements and intense combat scenarios set against stunningly detailed 3D graphics; Abandoned City Survival offers players hours upon hours of engaging gameplay with plenty of replay value too!

Abandoned City Survival

As your character progresses through the story, they will gain access to more powerful items such as guns or explosives, which can be used strategically during fights – making every playthrough different from one another!

Features of Abandoned City Survival Mod for Android

Are you ready to explore the thrilling world of an abandoned city? With the Abandoned City Survival Mod Android app, you can experience a unique and exciting adventure as you navigate deserted streets and buildings. This mod provides players with various features such as crafting tools, scavenging for items, building shelters from found materials, and fighting off hostile creatures or NPCs that inhabit this mysterious place. You will also be able to customize your character’s appearance to survive the harsh environment around them!

  • Fun and realistic 3D graphics.
  • Variety of weapons to choose from, such as guns, knives, melee weapons etc.
  • A large open-world map with different locations to explore.
  • You can play with or against multiple characters in the game.
  • Realistic survival mechanics like hunger/thirst levels that need managing regularly.
  • The crafting system allows players to create tools and items needed for their journey through the abandoned city.
  • Ability to build shelters using found materials around them.
  • Dynamic weather conditions affect your gameplay experience.
  • Challenging AI enemies who will try their bests to stop your progress.

Abandoned City Survival

Pros and Cons of Abandoned City Survival Mod:

  • It offers an immersive and challenging experience, as players must survive in a post-apocalyptic world.
  • Players can explore the ruins of abandoned cities while scavenging for resources to stay alive.
  • Provides plenty of opportunities for crafting items such as weapons and tools necessary to progress through the game.
  • Includes various missions, which add variety and excitement to the gameplay.
  • Features realistic graphics with detailed environments that create a believable atmosphere within the game world. Allows users to customize their characters according to personal preference or strategy needs.

Abandoned City Survival

  • The game may be too difficult for some players, leading to frustration and a lack of enjoyment.
  • Players must use real money to purchase items or upgrades within the app which can become expensive over time.
  • In an abandoned city environment, there is potential danger from other survivors who could attack you while trying to survive.
  • Limited resources in the game make it hard for gamers to progress further without spending more money on additional features that are not always necessary but are needed if they want their character’s survival rate to increase significantly.

FAQs Regarding Abandoned City Survival Mod for android.

Welcome to the Abandoned City Survival Mod apk FAQ! This guide is designed to provide answers and information about this exciting mod for your favourite survival game. This post will discuss what features are included in the mod and how you can install it on your device. We’ll also cover some of the common questions players have asked us when using our mod so that you know exactly what to expect while playing with it. So let’s get started and explore all there is to know about Abandoned City Survival Mod apk!

Abandoned City Survival

Q: What is Abandoned City Survival Mod Apk?

A: Abandoned City Survival Mod Apk is an Android game that puts you in the shoes of a survivor who has been left alone to survive in an abandoned city. You must scavenge for resources, build shelter and craft weapons to fight off enemies such as zombies and other survivors while trying to stay alive. The mod apk version provides unlimited money so players can purchase more items from the store without worrying about running out of funds or grinding for hours on end. It also unlocks all levels, so gamers have full access right away instead of waiting until they reach certain milestones before unlocking new content.

Abandoned City Survival

Q: How do I install this mod apk?

A: To install this modded version, download it onto your device using any reliable source like our website, open up the file manager app on your phone/tablet and locate where the downloaded file was saved (usually under the “Downloads” folder). Tap on it once located, then follow the instructions provided by the installer wizard, which should be pretty straightforward – make sure not to skip any steps! After installation, restarting the device may be required, but after that, you can play with modified features enabled straightaway!

Q: What kind of modifications does this provide me with?

A: With the Unlimited Money feature activated, users will no longer need to grind hard to earn enough coins to buy necessary items in stores within games – making progress a much faster and smoother experience overall. Furthermore, All Levels unlocked means there won’t ever be a roadblock preventing them from accessing higher tier difficulty settings, giving even greater flexibility when playing through the title. Lastly, minor tweaks and bug fixes might include ensuring smooth gameplay throughout the entire time spent enjoying the adventure!


The Abandoned City Survival Mod apk is a great way to experience the thrill of surviving in an abandoned city. Its unique features provide players with a realistic and immersive gaming experience that can be enjoyed both solos and as part of team play. It also offers plenty of customisation options to tailor your game to suit your preferences and create an unforgettable adventure for yourself or with friends. The mod allows you unlimited resources, making this one-of-a-kind survival simulator even more enjoyable!

Reviewed by: Aditia Alting

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