How To Access Blocked Websites In School

We all wait anxiously for one thing in school and that is our Computer period. Yes, we love to use computers in school because studying whole day makes us bored and it’s fun to go to Computer labs and use computers twice or more than that in a week. This is the most exciting part of the school along with the Games period. But, one thing really disappoints us. When we open the internet on the computer and try to use our Facebook, we see the sites are blocked.

Yes, our school authorities block most of the sites on the internet so that students can not misuse the computers in school. Some common sites which school authorities block are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Gaming sites, Video sites, and sometimes even Google. It is really frustrating when you go the Lab after waiting for so long and you can’t even use the computer for some time. Although they are blocked for the safety of kids sometimes authorities are really ruthless in blocking even sites of use like Gmail. And if we play games for few minutes, it will be of no harm to the school, right?

So, here we’ll tell you some tricks on how to access blocked websites in school. You can try these on the computers in the computer lab if you’re not able to access any site in the school. Make sure you don’t use them for wrong methods. Because these are told to you just for fun or using social media sites for a short span of time. So, let’s look at the different methods on how to access blocked websites in school.

Access Blocked Websites in School With HTTPS Method

Instead of HTTP, Use HTTPS. Yes, most school authorities tend to block access to the normal sites on the internet port 80 which is for HTTP. They sometimes leave port 443 unblocked. This port is used generally by HTTPS. So, you can use this really easy method to access blocked websites in school.

To do this, simply just add “s” in the URL of the site in front of ‘HTTP’. Although all sites do not offer the secure HTTPS connection, big sites like youtube and Gmail surely do. These are fine for passing time right? So, for example, if you want to access Youtube then instead of you have to write This will allow you to access it. This method won’t work if your school is clever enough to block access to this port also. But don’t worry in that case, we have other methods here.

2. Method II

Use IP instead of URL. In few cases, using IP of the blocked sites can work in accessing them because the list of blocked sites is stored as URLs. So, you can type the IP of the site which you need to access instead of its URL address. For example, if you want to open Facebook instead of (URL address) type (IP address). It will allow you to access the site.

For finding the IP address of the site in Windows,

  • Click on the Start button.
  • Type cmd or command prompt in the search bar.
  • Command Prompt will come in the search. Click to open it.
  • You’ll see a command screen. Don’t worry you just have to type ping For example, if you want to know the IP address of Youtube type ping
  • Press Enter.
  • A list of commands will come and you’ll see the IP address like in the screenshot below.

  • Copy this and paste it into the address bar of your browser. Your site will appear if your school authorities have not blocked the IP address.

3. Method III

Use Unblocking Websites. There are many websites on the internet which help you to access blocked websites when you visit them for free. So, if the above two methods don’t work in your school you can take help of these sites to visit “access denied websites”. It is also very easy solution as you yourself don’t have to do anything. Just visit these sites and search the site you want to open. So, here are some of the unblocking websites which will help you the next time you see blocked on your school computer.

  1. – This is one of the unblocking websites which lets you use the proxy websites and also allows you to surf anonymously.
  2. – If you want to search anonymously then this is one site which will surely help you and it can also help in accessing the blocked websites very easily.


So, these were some of the easiest methods to access blocked websites in school. One of these methods would surely work in your school. Try these if you want to play games on a boring day or use Gmail for work or want to login to Facebook for some time. But remember not to misuse these tricks for wrongdoings or you may get punished in school if caught. Stay tuned at latestmodapks for more cool tips & tricks like these.

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