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Remove adverts from your device, load websites faster, and get rid of all unwanted pop-ups with adAway APK.

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Name adAway
Package Name org.adaway
Category Tools  
Version 6.1.3
Size 13.7 MB
Requires Android 2.1 and up
Last Updated July 6, 2024

Are you tired of seeing annoying advertisements and pop-up ads on your smartphone? Here’s the best way to remove all the unwanted ads in only a few seconds. Download adAway Apk to eliminate all ads, sponsorship banners, window pop-ups, and block websites. You can perform all these actions without payouts any subscription charges.

This app is free for everyone and works like a charm on all android devices. Install the app and enable the app to scan and remove all ads; the process is automatic, and you only have to push a single button. You can also create a list of websites you feel safe to browse, even if the ads and the app don’t block ads from those websites.

adAway Apk

What is adAway Apk?

adAway Apk is an android tool application that helps you to get rid of ads. You can remove all ads from your device, including the internet browser and website ads. The app will scan the page for you and vanish all the annoying ads, banners, and pop-ups before you visit the page. The process is so fast that you don’t even notice it’s ongoing. adAway Apk is a free tool, and you don’t have to pay anyone for the services. Although, you can donate some bucks if you’re happy with their services.

It is available for all android devices, and you’ll get regular app updates to fix the patches. You can create blacklists where you can add the website that annoys you with the ads. The tool will scan the pages and serve an ads-free webpage to read the context. adAway doesn’t require root access, and you can install this application on any device with any android version.

Features of adAway Apk

  • Block Annoying Ads

You can block all annoying ads, including banner ads, pop-up window ads, on-page preview ads, and display headers. Customize the settings to remove a particular type of ad if you don’t feel annoyed by the other ads.

adAway Apk 3

  • Create Blacklist

Create a list of websites you want to browse freely without getting annoyed by the ads, and the tool will scan the page for you and deliver you a clean webpage. It won’t take more than seconds, and you won’t notice the waiting period.

  • Lightweight App

It’s a lightweight app, and Android users can easily install it on their devices. It also doesn’t consume much space from your storage units, but you must keep the system clean and let the app remove all junk files.

adAway Apk 2

  • No Root Required

The best perk of this application is that it is available for non-rooted devices also. You can use this app on a new device, and it will work smoothly without asking you to grant any extra permissions.

  • Free for Everyone

The app doesn’t have a subscription plan, although you can gather donations for the developers to help them run this app to the fullest. It’s up to you how much you are willing to pay the developers; there’s no fixed amount for that.

Why do you need adAway Apk?

  • It helps you to Remove Ads.

It will help you remove all the adverts from your smartphone, including the internet browser ads, banners inside the other applications, and pop-ups.

  • Loads Webpage Faster

It will remove all the ads from the website so that the pages will load faster than before. Because now the page doesn’t have to pack extra items (advertisements), it will deliver the context in a blink.

  • Consume Less Data

It doesn’t consume any internet data or storage from your device. It’s a lightweight application that will work even with minimal usage of internet data.

Final Words

adAway Apk is a free ads blocker tool for android devices. It works smoothly on non-rooted devices and doesn’t charge you any cost for the services. If you’re happy with their services, share your experience with us through the comments box so that others will know about the app.

Reviewed by: Laila Karbalai

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