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Play Adorable Home MOD Apk to enjoy a new virtual life with your partner, buy new furniture, and adopt a kitty to take care of pets.

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Name Adorable Home
Package Name com.hyperbeard.adorablehome
Category Simulation  
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Version 2.6.3
Size 134.3 MB
Requires Android 5.1 and up
Last Updated May 14, 2024

Adorable Home MOD Apk is a game where you can enjoy real-life simulation experiences. Get a new house and adopt a pet to take care of the little creature. You and your partner are moving to a new area, the suburbs. Buy new furniture and assets for the house, unlock new rooms, and garden to let the kitty roam. Feed the kitty proper pet food, and take care of her by providing regular baths and other additional care. The game has 3D graphics with impressive sound effects to make everything seems natural.

Adorable Home



Adorable Home is an LGBTQ+-friendly game; you’ll find characters of all genders here. You can choose the partner of your choice, and it doesn’t promote inappropriate visuals. Participate in the daily challenges to get more rewards, and use the coins to buy new items for your house.

About Adorable Home

Adorable Home MOD Apk is a pet-supporting and parenting game where you can learn many facts about adopting a new pet. The storyline is simple, you and your partner are now moving to a new house where you both feel bored. So you mutually decide to get a pet cat. The name of the cat is SNOW. As it’s a new house, you must buy new furniture and missing items for the house and get a pet house. You must prepare meals and cook delicious items for your partner and the pet. Take care of the kitty by feeding her delicious meals and playing with her for given hours for a better relationship.

You can also buy toys for the kitty to let her play and enjoy her free time. You can take the kitty to other rooms for the walk and unlock the other rooms and areas around your house to get more space for fun. You can have a personal backyard where you can add a swing and take your kitty for the relaxation experience. It’s an LGBTG+-friendly game where you can select your partner of any gender, and the game will create challenges as per your choice.

Features of Adorable Home Apk

  • Choose a Character

The game will allow you to choose a character and select your partner of any gender to start a virtual life together. The game is LGBTQ-friendly and lets you take all the moves you want.

  • Decorate Your Home

You have to get a new house with no furniture and accessories, find the missing parts you should get for your comfort, and get it done. You can buy a new pet house for the kitty.

Adorable Home MOD Apk 1

  • Unlock New Locations

Explore the house to unlock the hidden spaces, and move around the house with your kitty to unlock the new rooms, balcony areas, and the backyard to get your garden.

  • Take Care of Kitty

Adopt the little kitty and start taking care of her from day one. Feed her when she’s hungry, take her to the bath for daily cleanings, and let her roam freely around the house.

Adorable Home MOD Apk 2

  • Cook Delicious Meals

You have to cook delicious meals for the pet and the partner; you can start a query to ask your partner what they like the most. Cook the best meals for them to get more points in your rewards.

  • Realistic Graphics

The game has impressive graphics with realistic sound effects of the kitty. The animal doesn’t give you any signs, and you have to understand through the cat’s body language to know what she needs.

What’s new in Adorable Home MOD Apk?

  • Unlimited Money

In the game, you will have unlimited money, you can buy all the furniture in the beginning and later, you can exchange or replace the units with new ideas.

  • Unlock More Pets

You can have multiple pets for yourself but make sure you can take care of them. Each pet needs special care and personal time for growth.

Final Words

Adorable Home MOD Apk is a simulation game where you can enjoy real-life events. Move into a new house, adopt a pet, and take care of your pet and partner from your heart. Cook delivery meals to make everyone happy and earn great rewards to score more coins. If you guys have any doubts, share your issues with us.

Reviewed by: Yazmine

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