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ALWhatsApp is the best alternative to WhatsApp with the unlocked feature.

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4.1 and up

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November 16, 2022


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WhatsApp has become the most used app worldwide. Many professional as well as informal talks and discussions are carried out by the means of WhatsApp these days. But WhatsApp has many limitations, and the users have been demanding changes in various features that aren’t being fulfilled.

ALWhatsApp Apk is made to overcome those limitations and make Whatsapp useful and interesting features. That is why a lot of modified applications have been launched recently. But finding a modified version of WhatsApp that is functional as well as safe is really difficult in today’s time. 

ALWhatsApp Apk

ALWhatsApp APK is one such modified version of WhatsApp with better security and better customisation options. ALWhatsApp is a highly customisable and secure version of the original WhatsApp. This Whatsapp Mod is best suitable for sharing large documents and multiple media files as well as sensitive messages without any worries of privacy violation. This apk is extremely safe, and all the chats are encrypted and secure. 

Features of ALWhatsApp Apk:

ALWhatsApp Apk

  1. Spam protection: ALWhatsApp protects you from spam messages and bots, so you don’t receive unnecessary messages.
  2. Payments: this app lets you make payments through chats with security features of UPI.
  3. Customisable blue ticks: this app lets you turn on or off the blue ticks whenever you need. So you don’t have to worry about accidentally opening a message that you have been avoiding.
  4. In-app translator: ALWhatsApp comes with an inbuilt translator that helps you to translate messages from any language into the language of your choice.
  5. Share many images: this apk, unlike the original WhatsApp, lets you share more than 30 images at a time. So you can share all the images that you want in a go.
  6. Security features: the messages are end-to-end encrypted, and hence no third party has access to your conversations; hence your privacy is protected.


ALWhatsApp is a more secure and customisable MOD version of WhatsApp. In-app translation feature and ability to read and recover deleted messages make this app one of a kind. Download the ALWhatsApp apk now and enjoy!

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