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Play the superhero role and date cute girls of the city after you save them from the ghosts in Amity Park Apk.

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Amity Park

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4.4 and up

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January 9, 2023


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Amity Park Apk is a cartoon-style game where you can enjoy a series of intense missions to have fun. The game has 3D graphics with realistic background voices and other effects. You can explore a city full of buildings, parks, parking, and other locations. You will get the ability to stay hidden as a ghost in the game and help the citizens to avoid danger. With the great powers come significant responsibilities; you now have to fight with the other spirits to save the town from bad influencers.

Amity Park

The game also has different modules to deliver personal satisfaction by picking up girls, making new friends, and enjoying a secret love life. Here in the game, you can date cute girls and impress them by showing your powers and abilities. Complete the given missions and earn the rewards to buy new costumes for your player.

About Amity Park Apk

Amity Park Apk is an action-adventure game with cartoon-style graphics. The game has a 3D background with the 2D character playing models. You can unlock your superpowers of being invisible in the crowd and turn yourself into a ghost and explore the town without letting anybody know about your presence. You can solve many puzzles, help the public to dodge danger, and save the town by fighting with other ghosts.

You can grab unique weapons for combat fights, unlock other abilities to run faster, and dodge attacks. Amity Park Apk has a town full of buildings and grounds that you can explore to find hidden tools. These hidden items can help you in completing the puzzles that can solve the mysteries to save the town. Apart from these social services, you can interact with the local character and start a conversation.

You can make new friends and ask out cute girls for a date. Later you can take them to your place for extra fun and start your relationship. You can also find other heroes from your town to team up with fellow members to help each other. Start working together to make the job easier for everyone because the final assignment is to save the world.

Highlights of Amity Park Apk

  • Intense Missions

The missions are intense, and you can enjoy several stages to perform actions, deal with sincerity, or act well to dodge the attacks. You can participate in daily missions to keep the game interesting.

Amity Park Apk 5

  • Explore the Maps

The city has several buildings you can explore and find hidden items and challenges to earn great rewards. Follow the maps to visit new locations to find the unique challenges to earn rewards.

  • Save the Town

You’re a hero in the game, so it’s your responsibility to save the town from the enemies. You have the power to get invisible, and now you must fight with other ghosts to keep the town safe from danger.

Amity Park Apk 4

  • Unlocked Super Abilities

You can have multiple superpowers, try to develop your skills, and keep fighting with powerful villains to unlock your other special abilities.

  • Make New Friends

You can join other heroes to start your community to save the world from upcoming attacks. Use your special fighting skills to defeat enemies with the multiplayer mode.

Amity Park Apk 3

  • Interactive Players

You can interact with the NCPs and make new friends from the public. Choose cute girls for your dating partner and start living a happy life with your friends and the love of your life.

Final Words

In the end, we hope Amity Park Apk delivers a new gaming experience with cartoon-style characters. If you like this game’s story and missions, you can appreciate the developers by sending them feedback through the game settings. If you have any doubts regarding the installation of this game, then drop your questions in the comments.

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