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Play Among Us MOD Apk with your friends, find the imposter, follow the maps to find hidden items, and vote for the suspect.

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Among Us

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Mega Menu, Unlocked





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6.0 and up

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March 24, 2023


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Among Us MOD Apk is an online game where you get the theme of space and have to play with your crewmates to find the imposter. The imposter tries to kill the members one after one, and you have to find him before everyone gets killed. You can play the game online or use your WiFi connection to add up to 4 to 16 players in a match. You can invite your friends or let strangers join your crew to have more fun.

Among Us


After every kill by the imposter, all the members will get a chance to vote for a member you think is the imposter. You must complete the given tasks and find the unique items by following the maps. If you all vote for the same guy, you will win, and the imposter will be thrown out of the spaceship into space. It’s a fun adventure game where you deal with many situations, including survival missions. Invite your friends to have fun together and enjoy the gameplay.

What is Among Us MOD Apk?

Among Us MOD Apk is an adventurous 2D game where you can have fun with your friends. It’s a multiplayer game; you can play it online or invite your friends over WiFi connections to play together. You can add up to 4 to 16 members in a match, and one of you will be the imposter. The imposter is a serial killer who secretly kills all the members one after one. 

You have to find who the imposter is by voting for the suspect. If you all vote for the same guy, who is the imposter, you will win the game. But it isn’t that easy, and you will only get the chance to vote after every kill. It means you only have a few options, and the imposter is still freely moving in the game, killing other members. 

Among Us MOD Apk is a fun game where you can live chat, use the discord servers to talk to your friends while playing, and much more. Once you know the rules, you can start customizing your player by adding new skins, having a pet around you, and much more. The game is ad-free, and you don’t have to pact with any banners on the app.

Features of Among Us

  • Play Online

You can play the game online with your friends and invite up to 16 friends in a single match to enjoy the game together. It also allows you to connect with WiFi to create your own server.

Among Us MOD Apk 4

  • Join a Server

You can participate in an existing sever to play the game with random internet players; it’s more fun playing with the random players because you don’t know who the imposter is in the crew.

Among Us MOD Apk 3

  • Complete Tasks

The game also has many exciting challenges that you can play along with the survival from the imposter. Try to find the hidden items stored in the spaceship to get extra points.

  • Find the Imposter

One crew member will be the imposter who kills all the players one after one. The imposter will get secret weapons that can kill the player without letting anybody know until they find the body.

  • Enjoy Votings

All the players can vote to find an imposter, and the voting poll will be visible after the death of a crewmate. So, vote for the suspect to see the real culprits and save the rest of the members.

MOD Features

  • Unlocked Skins

With this mod version, you’ll get extra pair of skins that you can use to customize your player.

  • Free Pets

You can also adopt a pet to let him run around you; in the inventory, you’ll find a dog, a cat, and a bird.

  • Follow Maps

Check the maps to find the safe and red zone, and get alerts about the dead body.

Final Verdict

Among Us MOD Apk is an action survival game where you can play with your friends and have up to 16 friends in the same game. Find the imposter and throw him out in space to save all the other crew members. If you need help installing the game or completing the tasks, feel free to share your doubts with us.

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