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Anime apk is the best app to watch anime on your phone. Anime is a short form of animation cartoon made famous in the late 90s in Japan as the story of these anime is so good that many people around the globe loved it, and later they were dubbed in multiple languages.

Anime apk is the only app which provides you with dubbed anime. In my childhood, I used to watch my favourite anime tv shows, dragon ball z and Pokemon. And I have no shame in saying that I have loved these shows till now because the story and character build-up of these anime tv shows is next level. Earlier it was very different from wanting to watch an anime show as you first have to get a copy of a Japanese tv show, then you have to get the subtitles which Subtitles later synced into the PC. But now, as time has advanced, it has become very easy for us with Anime APK.

Now let’s talk about some top anime series you can watch on Anime APK.

Top Series in Anime


The first series is my favourite death note. It is a story of a brilliant kid in high school when he finds a book dropped by a shinigami. When Light Yagami Finds the book, he soon understands that it is a death note and he can write any name in the book, and the person will die. Now in the protagonist’s character, there is a person named L who is trying to find Kira(the name given to the guy who holds the death note). Now it’s about a story where Light Yagami wins over all the problematic situations against himself.

The second series is Pokemon. It is the story of Ash, who is starting a journey with his Pokemon Pikachu at 14. After that, he finds his friend Brock and Misty. Then he continued to persuade his dream of becoming the #1 Pokemon trainer in the world. The journey and the characters are lovely and fun to watch.

Features of your favourite anime



You get a notification for every anime, which brings a new episode every time.

Free to use

The anime apk is free to use, and you can download it from our website. But beware of the scammer website, which will provide you with the free apk, but many sites offer you APK files containing viruses. So please download Anime APK from trusted sites.

No signup


You don’t even need to signup as there are no subscription fees. Anime apk tries to collect minimum information about their users.

No buffering

No buffering is the prime feature of the anime apk. Let me explain to you how it works. Firstly it only works when you are connected to a strong wifi connection. When you search for an anime series, let’s say you searched for death note, it will immediately download a low-quality video of the tv show, and as you click on the episode, a high-quality overlay is added to it. And this continues one but one.


It was our take on Anime Apk for Android. Do tell us your views about the anime app. It is a gold mine for anime binge watchers like me. Also, share the app with your friends.

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