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The Aurora Store, an unofficial FOSS client, now allows you to access all Google Play Store apps on Non-MicroG/Play Services devices.

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Name Aurora Store
Package Name
Category Tools  
Version 4.4.4
Size 7.0 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Last Updated April 29, 2024

The phrase “Google Play Store” must be familiar to all of you, as it is the app store platform on Android devices where users can install apps and games from different categories. To smoothly use Google Store or any other Google Android product, your device must be Google Certified or have Google Play Services installed. Due to this limitation, Chinese phones or devices without MicroG or Play services cannot access this app.

Aurora Store Apk

But wait a minute, some genius-minded tech junkies have come up with a solution and have created an alternative app to Google App Store called the Aurora Store, where you can download millions of apps and games on your smartphone without relying on Google’s proprietary framework.

Aurora Store: A Brief Description About It

The Aurora Store, created by Rahul Kumar Patel, is an unofficial FOSS client for the Google Play Store that provides users with the facility to search, download, and update apps. The App Store offers a wide range of games and apps, including music streaming, shopping, books and comics, movies, emulators, customization and many more.

Additionally, you can access the Spoof Manager (spoof your device information) on low-end devices along with language and country-specific apps in Aurora Store App that is restricted in your country.

Aurora Store

Using this app, you can download and install apk files of all apps & games without having MicroG or Google Play Service, saving yourself from Google spyware (tracking) hassles. In the end, users are able to bypass Google’s tracking, giving them more control over the data they share. Additionally, users are able to access apps and games that are not available on the Google Play Store. Allowing them to explore a wider range of options.

Features of the Aurora Store App

In addition to app & game downloads, Aurora Store offers a number of interesting features that improve your overall user experience. Here are a few of them.

Diverse Selection of Apps & Games: As an alternative to the Play Store, the Aurora Store app allows you to download over a million apps and games, including social, business, sports, casual, tools, and many other categories.

Aurora Store

Strengthen Device Security with Blacklist Manager: The blacklist manager feature in the app allows you to disable all permissions related to a particular app to solve or strengthen device security problems. Therefore, the app cannot collect security-related information, and background activities are disabled as well.

Spoof Manager: Spoof Manager of Aurora Store is a great option for low-spec devices. Where you can spoof the app by manipulating the device information and enjoy all its features. The app includes Asus, MI, Google, Moto, and many more devices using which you can use to install apps.

Additional Key Features of the Aurora Store App

Advance Setting to Enhance User Experience

Filters: This option gives you the option to disable F-droid and Google apps. Apart from this, you can reset all search results from the Non-President option.

Installation: It allows you to adjust the installation process for apk files, with options such as session, native, AM, and root.

Customization: This section of Aurora Store lets you customize your app’s interface and theme. So you can make it exactly what you want.

Downloads: This section allows you to set the maximum number of active downloads along with the storage selection.

In order to operate Aurora Store, you do not need any Google proprietary frameworks like GMS.

Final Words

Aurora Store offers a similar experience to the Google Play Store. Where you can download millions of apps and games without MicroG or Google Play Services support. Explore and try many undiscovered apps for your phone and take advantage of all the apps.

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