How To Auto Reply Messages On Whatsapp Plus

Updated on April 14, 2022

WhatsApp is the best and one of the most popular messaging app. A lot of people use it to connect with their contacts around the world. Whatsapp keeps on releasing new features in every update but it still it lacks a lot of features and has limitations. One such feature which WhatsApp lacks is the auto-reply messages feature. So, people try to find out the method for How to auto-reply messages on WhatsApp? A lot of other applications are also available which allow us to do so but you need to root your phone to use them. Today I am going to share the simplest method to enable auto-reply feature on WhatsApp plus. Whatsapp Plus is the best mod of WhatsApp. It has a lot of features. You can easily set auto-reply message in WhatsApp plus.

Since a lot of people are asking for the auto-reply feature, I decided to share the easiest method to do so. The auto-reply message is an interesting feature. It is available only on WhatsApp plus. If you are not a WhatsApp plus user, don’t worry we have shared the download link also in the guide. So, now let us check out the step by step guide on How to auto-reply messages on WhatsApp plus.

Requirements to auto-reply message on WhatsApp Plus

Before directly jumping to the process to activate the Autoreply feature, you must check out the things required. Below I am sharing a list of all the requirements things you would require before starting the process. So let’s check out the requirements now.

  • An android device with os 4.0 or higher to install WhatsApp plus.
  • Whatsapp Plus APK latest version.
  • Working internet connection.

We have shared the WhatsApp plus download link in the guide. So, if you don’t have WhatsApp plus, you can download it simply from the link in the next section. I hope you have all the things mentioned above. So, without waiting anymore, let us jump to the guide on How To Auto Reply Messages On Whatsapp Plus?

How to Auto Reply Messages On Whatsapp Plus?

In the method, we are sharing below you don’t need to root your Android phone to Auto-reply messages on WhatsApp Plus. You only need to configure a few settings to set everything. So just follow the blessed apps and you will be able to auto-reply messages on WhatsApp plus easily.

1. Open Whatsapp Plus app from the menu or download now – Download WhatsApp Plus

2. Tap the three dots on the top right corner.

3. A lot of option will appear now. Click Plus Settings option.


4. Now click on the Auto Reply Messages option.

5. A blank page will appear. First turn on the key from the top to enable auto-reply feature and then hit the  + icon at the bottom.

6. Now simply fill all the information asked.

You can select specific contacts or even exclude some specific contacts.

Set the start and end time also.

7. Finally, click the Add button.

That’s all. The message will be saved and sent to the contacts automatically according to your selected time.

Final Words

So today we shared the simplest and easiest method to auto-reply messages on WhatsApp. This feature appears to be very useful as it automatically replies to your contacts when you are busy somewhere. Also, you can change settings and set auto reply for specific contacts and much more. This feature is not available in official WhatsApp. But you can start using it now with the latest WhatsApp plus app. Whatsapp plus a lot of such features. I hope you learned something new today. In case, you face any problem with the guide, comment below with your problem. We will help you out. Keep visiting to get more such kind of stuff.

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