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Avakin Life is an immersive virtual world and 3D social networking simulation game where players can interact, create, and live their dream lifestyles.

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Name Avakin Life
Package Name com.lockwoodpublishing.avakinlife
Category Role Playing  
Version 1.095.00
Size 139.6 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Last Updated July 18, 2024

Avakin Life APK for Android is an immersive virtual reality game that allows players to experience a world of adventure, fashion and friendship. It offers users the chance to explore their own personalized 3D avatars in a vibrant online community featuring millions of other avatars from around the globe.

Avakin Life

Players can customize their character with hundreds of different clothing items, hairstyles and accessories before heading out into Avakin’s bustling cities where they can chat with friends or take part in fun activities like shopping at boutiques, playing mini-games or attending special events such as parties and shows. With its stunning graphics engine powered by Unity3d technology, Avakin Life provides gamers with an incredibly realistic gaming environment full of exciting possibilities!

Features of Avakin Life for Android

Avakin Life is an immersive 3D virtual world app for Android devices. It offers a unique and exciting experience, allowing players to create their own avatars, explore the vibrant environment of Avakin Island, chat with friends from around the globe in real time and customize their avatar’s look with hundreds of stylish clothes and accessories.

Avakin Life

With its vast array of features such as shopping malls full of fashionable items; interactive activities like dancing at clubs or exploring secret areas; engaging social events including parties hosted by other users; plus much more – it’s no wonder why Avakin Life has become one of the most popular apps on Google Play Store!

  • Create your own 3D avatar.
  • Explore a virtual world with thousands of other players.
  • Customize your look by changing hairstyles, clothes and accessories.
  • Buy new items from the in-game store to upgrade your wardrobe or decorate homes/apartments.
  • Chat with friends using text messages, voice chat and video calls.
  • Play mini-games like bowling & poker for coins rewards.
  • Take part in weekly challenges to win exclusive prizes.
  • Share photos on social media platforms directly from Avakin Life.

Pros and Cons of Avakin Life:

  • Avakin Life is a free-to-play virtual world game where players can customize their avatars, explore various locations and interact with other users.
  • Players can create unique 3D characters by customizing facial features, hairstyles, clothing options and accessories.
  • The app offers an extensive range of activities such as shopping for clothes in the mall or furniture stores; attending parties at nightclubs; playing mini-games like bowling or darts; decorating apartments to look stylishly chic and inviting friends over for dinner dates etc.
  • It also includes social media integration which allows gamers to share screenshots on Facebook & Twitter directly from within the app itself.
  • With its vibrant graphics & immersive gameplay experience, it’s sure to keep you entertained!

Avakin Life

  • Limited customization options for avatars.
  • Expensive in-game purchases.
  • Unsatisfying rewards system and lack of incentives to keep playing.
  • Poor customer service response times from the developers.
  • Occasional lags or freezes during gameplay, leading to a frustrating experience.

FAQs Regarding Avakin Life for Android.

Welcome to the FAQs for Avakin Life Apk! This app is a virtual world where you can create and customize your own 3D avatar, explore amazing locations, chat with friends from all over the world, dress up in stylish outfits and much more.

Avakin Life

Here we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about this popular game so that players like yourself can get answers quickly and easily. Whether you are new or an experienced player looking for tips on how to level up faster or just want to know what’s new in version updates – our FAQ section has got it covered!

Q: What is Avakin Life?

A: Avakin Life is a 3D virtual world game that allows players to create their own avatar, explore an expansive and interactive environment, chat with other users in real-time, play games together or against each other, shop for new items such as clothes and furniture for your apartment or house.

Customize the look of your character by changing hairstyle/colour/clothes etc., complete quests & missions to earn rewards like coins & gems; join clubs created by others or make one yourself! It’s available on both Android and iOS devices so you can enjoy it anytime anywhere.

Avakin Life

Q: How do I download the Avakin Life Apk?

A: You can easily find links online where you can download the APK file from trusted sources directly onto your device (Android). Once downloaded just open up the app store on your phone then search “Avakin life” Click install when prompted – this will start downloading all necessary files needed to run awakens life apk successfully including any updates if required at the time of installation.

Avakin Life

After successful completion simply launch the application through the home screen icon which has been installed alongside the rest of the apps located thereon! Enjoy exploring a magical world filled with endless possibilities within seconds after launching the game via its user-friendly interface presented upon entry into the realm itself!


Avakin Life Apk is a great way to enjoy an immersive 3D virtual world on your mobile device. It offers users the chance to explore and customize their own avatar, chat with friends in real-time, dress up for parties or special events, shop from hundreds of stores around the world and even earn rewards while playing mini-games.

Whether you’re looking for fun entertainment or something more meaningful like meeting new people online, Avakin Life provides it all in one convenient package that can be downloaded directly onto any Android phone or tablet. With its wide range of features and activities available at no cost whatsoever – this app truly has something for everyone!

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