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Make your life easier! An Online Banking Platform That Delivers 24/7 Service Through One App BBVA: Your One Stop Solution.

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Technology is rapidly expanding and changing, causing the digital environment to double in growth every day, strengthening the initiative to eliminate long queues outside commercial institutions and social services. One of these institutions is the banking sector.

Which is associated with financial services and aims to digitalize all its services by moving toward modernization. This initiative is being carried forward by the BBVA App, a complete online banking app that integrates all banking-related functions such as money transfers, online payments, shopping, and more.


Why is digitization in banking beneficial?

Digitalization has the advantage of practically eliminating the need for bank branches to avail their services to customers, which is one of its biggest advantages. Because most of the procedures can be done via the bank’s website. However, using websites to check balances and transfer money becomes time-consuming.

Consequently, today all banks are integrating their services into smartphone applications. So that the user can withdraw money, use ATMs, make e-commerce purchases, and do many other activities through his smartphone In a matter of seconds. The BBVA App provides all banking services and allows you to keep track of your income and expenses systematically.

About BBVA: An Online Banking App

One of the largest financial services providers in the world. BBVA operates primarily in Spain, Turkey, Romania, North America, and SA. A BBVA App is an online banking application where you can open an account and utilize all the financial services. Including tools for managing income and expenses, improving financial health, and money-saving tips for your retirement plan.


It gives you full control over your account and enables you to request loans, check your credit status, track payments, and receive notifications in a safe environment. Furthermore, the BBVA app allows you to turn your card on or off, so you can eliminate the worry of losing it. You can consult this app’s virtual assistant, “Blue,” if you have any questions regarding any issue with your account.

Features of BBVA App

In addition to offering all banking services, this app offers many amazing tools & features to help you improve your financial situation.

Mortgages: In this app, you will find a mortgage simulator to help you determine how much money you’ll need for your future home.

Bizum: BBVA app offers you the Bizum option for online shopping or payments at any merchant shop. Additionally, you can send and receive money instantly using your phone number or the recipient’s phone number.


Insurance: Plan your future with the app, choosing life, health, home, and car insurance and evaluating all plans to find the best fit for your needs.

Loans: BBVA’s app gives you many options for personal loans. Where you can find the most appropriate plan for your needs.

Facilities for self-owned businesses: This app is ideal for freelancers, self-employed individuals, or small businesses that wish to manage their daily operations and apply for financing.

Additional Key features of the BBVA App

Future-proof pension plan: After checking the investor’s profile. The app allows him to select various suitable pension plans for his age. You can now rest assured that your future is secure.

Aqua Card: A revolutionary card that offers dynamic numbers and CVVs on every purchase. Making your transactions even more secure than ever. The app will automatically generate CVV for you whenever you need it, based on your numbering.

Security: With the BBVA app, you’ll be provided with tips regarding cybersecurity related to your data and money. Additionally, the app has biometric access to protect and keep private data secure.

Final Conclusion

A broad range of services can be accessed through BBVA’s online banking platform, including money transfer, online shopping, investment funds, account management, and much more. The app is also compatible with Wear OS, so you can start saving and keeping track of your accounts from anywhere.

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