7 Best Apps for Recording Calls on Android Phone

Updated on April 20, 2022

Android Call Recorder Apps

Hey Guys, In this post I am gonna tell you about some of the best Automatic Call Recorder Apps for Android. You may have some important conversations with someone, and sometimes you have to remember things that you discussed on the call.

The possibility of forgetting it is more, but you have to keep it anyhow. Sometimes you will need some proof to show someone about your conversation. Today, in this article you will find some best call recording apps for android devices which can automatically record your calls without any kind of hassle. Now there are around one hundred apps on Google play store which can record calls, but which one is the best? Which one you really need? Find all these things and review about seven best call recording apps for android.

We tried to find the top 10 best call recording apps for android out of those hundred Android apps and reviewed all of them. Also Don’t forget to have a look at GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp plus APK, which is one of the most cool app of Android. These call recorder apps are the best on Play Store. So let’s have a look at them now from below.

List of Best Call Recording Apps for Android

1. Automatic Call Recorder ACR (Recommended)

Auto Call Recorder ACR is the perfect app among other best call recording apps for android. This app is working with almost all versions of android. You just have to download and setup ACR and rest will be done automatically by the app.

There are some killer features like You can select from four major audio formats. You can also select that you want both persons voice or just yours in the recording. There are two modes which can be customised; they are Dark mode and Light mode. You can select automatic recording option if you want to record all your calls or you can select the manual mode where the app will ask you to record the current call or not.


Developer – callrecorder.cc

2. RMC: Android Call Recorder

RMC: Android Call Recorder is another great option after ACR which is to be included in the list of best call recording apps for android. The basic purpose of this app is just to record your phone calls and save it on your SD card easily.

This app can use the microphone to record phone calls so if you turn on the speaker while on call then you will get the better result in recording calls. The developer also released their beta app which is having some more features which you can try just right here. This app is capable of recording calls and saves them in four different formats. Also, it has a four-digit passcode system which can help you to get more privacy.


Developer – Nathaniel Kh

3. Call Recorder by Lovekara

This app is really famous in the list of best call recording apps for android. There are around more than 5 million to 10 million downloads of this app with a rating of 4.4 on google play store. It is developed by Lovekara, and it is completely free.

This app can record your calls and save them on SD card. This app is capable of sorting your recordings with time, group or by names and even dates too. This app provides the easiest and convenient way of providing call recording on android.


Developer – lovekara

4. Easy Voice Recorder

This recorder is the best tool for daily usage. The easy voice recorder is one of the best call recording apps for android which can be used by anyone. This app is useful for those who are students, owns a business, and even for musicians and other people.

This app is my personal favourite app among best call recording apps for android because I used to record my lectures with this app. You can get the best quality recording of phone calls too. This app is capable of recording and saving your phone calls in PMC and AAC extensions. This app has more than 10 million downloads through Google Play Store.


Developer – Digipom

5. Call Recorder Pro (Paid)

Call recorder pro is another great app which is included in the list of best call recording apps for android. This app has more than 1 million downloads and 3.6 start ratings on google play store. This app is compatible with android 4.0 and above.

The new version of the app features two themes, light and dark. You can add notes for your recording and also you can edit them as per need. You can also dial a number from the recording. This app is easy to use, and it is freeware app. The version 6.6 and above ones will not be updated now, but they will work as licence activator to get all features of the premium version in the paid one. Although the rating of the app is low on play store but it is feature loaded. You must try it once.


Developer – C Mobile

6. Automatic Call Recorder Pro (Paid)

Automatic Call Recorder Pro app allows you to record all calls automatically. This app is listed in the list of best call recording apps for android because only in this app you can select specific numbers from your contact list whose calls you want to be recorded.

You can sync your recordings to your drop box account also you can directly share them to your friends easily. This app is awesome because there is an integrated cloud storage system for your selected contacts which will work according to your needs in different modes. The app is developed by Application and has more than 100k downloads. It is rated 4.1 stars, and it costs around 150 RS. in India to buy it.


Developer – Appliqato


7. Galaxy Call Recorder

This app is specially build for Samsung Galaxy series users. This app is listed here in the list of best call recording apps for android because it helps Samsung users to enhance recording. With galaxy call recorder, Samsung users can record call easily just using android standard API.

Where in other company devices this app will use the microphone to record voice, so you have to use your loud speaker while you are on call so you can record both voices. If you don’t start your loud speaker, then you will just record your voice. This app has around 1 million to 5 million downloads through the play store and has 4.0-star rating on Google play store which is really good.


Developer – Indie Developer

Recommended – WhatsApp Download for Android

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So, this was everything about best call recording apps for android. Hope you are now able to record calls and if you found this post useful then share this to all your friends. If you are facing any problem, then feel free to comment below.

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