Best SMS/Text Messaging Apps For Android 2022

Updated on April 20, 2022

Hey Guys, In this post I am gonna tell you about best SMS/Test messaging apps for Android. You should try these apps on your phone if you are bored with default messaging app. We agree that this is an era of Online Messaging Apps like WhatsApp, Hike, and many other Instant Messaging Apps. But the thing is all these Apps Need an Active Internet Connection. We know that our Country is developing and a most of the People have the Internet Access today.

Well, we also cannot neglect the fact that still there are People who are deprived of a Stable and Regular Internet Connection. This is where Text Messaging comes in game, tho it might be old but is still Reliable for everyone. But the thing is that the stock text messaging app usually sucks and doesn’t looks good. There are many good text message apps available which works with Internet connection like GBWhatsAppWhatsApp Plus etc.

So we began thinking for you, we worked hard, tried a lot of apps and then compiled them in a list to serve it to you and we are proud to tell you guys that we are finally done with it, the list is ready.

So in this Post, we are here with Best SMS/Text Messaging Apps For Android 2022.  Please Note that these Apps are in No Particular Order.

List of Best SMS/Text Messaging Apps for Android

Here is the complete list of all best apps in random order!


QK SMS is our favourite from the List due to the User Interface the app has. The app have materialised design which makes it super fluid and attractive for the User. The Application has really amazing animations which looks clean and Minimal.

The App has a lot of features which can be unlocked after paying a minimal amount of $1.99. There are a lot of themes which you can install.

The app offers dozens of features like Scheduled SMS, Night Mode which automatically gets activated at Night. The app does support Backup and Restore and also a Quick pop and reply which pops up whenever you receive a New message.

You can download the QK SMS for free from Play Store. Download it by clicking here.

Download QK SMS


Chomp SMS is another great messaging Android Application which brings in a lot of functionality in the Text Messaging. Through this application, you can get many diversified Emojis, you can customize the App itself, make it look like the way you want it to look. The App allows you to handle the services like Pushbullet and Mighty Text to send text to your PC or Laptop.

You can schedule your Good Night, Good Morning Messages for 1000’s of contacts at the Same time. The app does provide you backup and restore option. You can delete and edit the Send Messages, can easily Blocklist the contacts. You can also add Digital Signatures to your Message which is Something which not many apps offers.

You can download the Chomp SMS for free from Play Store. Download it by clicking here.

Download ChopSMS


Chances are you already have heard about this App. This text messaging app is quite popular text messaging app that like other Apps on our list offers a lot of features. The App supports material design that makes it quite attractive to the User. The App serves a User-Friendly Interface which makes it easy for the User. The chat window can be customized the way the user need According to his Mood Swing. The App turns on the dark mode according to the time of the day.

The app is quite small in size, roughly around 3 megabytes which makes it quite versatile as it can be installed on almost any Android Device. The app does all the basic functionality of sending and receiving text messages. The app allows to delay the text messages. You can do backup & Restore of the SMS. You can block Spam Messages easily with the help of the Android App.

The app also pops up a quick reply box whenever a user receives any text messages. You can also mute Conversations. The app is compatible with the Android Wear and also does work with PushBullet to send text to your Desktop, PC or Laptop.

You can download the Chomp SMS for free from Play Store. Download it by clicking here.

Download Textra

Evolve SMS

Another app which offers great user interface and Material UI. The app has a plenty of Features like the Lock Screen Widget. You can use around 850- emojis in the App. You can send the Images or Videos to your friends or relatives through the App. The conversation can be protected with a password so that no one else can see your personal conversations with someone.

The app has Facebook, Google+ integration. You can schedule messages, can delete bulk messages easily. The app is fully compatible with Android Wear and does look good on it.

The app also allows you to backup and restore the messages to make it reliable for you in case anything gets wrong. The app is completely free with No In-App Purchases. The app has a Unlockable theme along with unruffled User Interface.

You can download the Evolve SMS for free from Play Store. Download it by clicking here

Download From Play Store

Final Words

This wraps up our post on Best SMS/Text Messaging Apps For Android 2022, Well in case your Internet goes down or you don’t have an Internet Connection, this is the time where old traditional SMS can save you a fortune, so you need a good Android SMS App, we hope that you have got your favourite SMS App with our post and you guys liked it.

In case you think that we missed any good app that should be in the Article or in case you have any queries, suggestions or Any other comment, then let us know in the Comments Section Down below, we would love to hear your thoughts.

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