Best Free Video Calling Apps for Android 2022

Updated on April 20, 2022

With the Evolution of Smartphone and Internet, Video Calling has emerged as a very Powerful yet Preferable Calling Experience one can have. Well, there are a lot of Apps which helps you to Do a Video Call with your loved ones. Well, as there are a lot of shitty apps there as well, we decided to Make a list for Some of the Best Video Calling Apps for Android. So without wasting any more time by writing Introduction about Video Calling that no one likes to read, let us get straight to our List. You can do video calling from your Android device with apps like GBWhatsAppWhatsApp Plus etc. We have provided some of the best apps below, for best video calling experience. So let’s have a look at it now from below.

1. Skype – Free IM & Video Calls     

This app doesn’t need any introduction, Right? It’s there from the time we heard about the Video Calling and is also undoubtedly one of the best Video Calling App that we have today. This App has improved a lot over years. It is something which is available on all Platforms whether it be your Android, iPhone or even Windows on your Desktop PC. The app offers a lot of features which makes it the most Popular and Most Downloaded Video Calling App. Also have a look at freedom app, for bypass in-app purchase in skype.

You can download the App for Free from Google Play Store.

Download Skype for Android

2. LINE – Free Calls & Messages

The next app on our list of Best Video Calling Apps for Android is LINE, yes we know it’s something which got a little boom but is nowhere seen nowadays. It is one of the underrated, yet Powerful and Great Video Calling App that we have today. It offers a lot of features like Letting your Friends watch a little peep into your life with the help of Stories, Stickers which makes the app more interesting and fun, which considering that the app is free is a fortune. You should definitely check the app if you are someone who does a lot of Video Calls. We were also shared best text messaging apps for android, don’t forget to check them out.

LINE – Free Calls & Messages is also available on Google Play Store for Free.

Download Line App

3. OoVoo – Text, Voice & Video 

Another Great App which does the Job of Video Calling very well. The app does not only allow the users to Call over Video but also allows text messaging and Stories feature which helps your friends to take a little peep in your daily life. The app also has a feature which is known as Fab 5 which allows you to add your 5 friends to Speed Dial which helps you to connect to them fast than usual.

The most amazing feature of the app tho is that you can do a Video Call with 12 friends at the same time which makes it even better if you are someone who does a lot of Client Meetings or even when you have to make some plans with your Friends for an outing.

OoVoo – Text, Voice & Video Call is available for free in the Google Play Store.

Download OoVoo

4. Tango – Free Messenger & Video

Another Great Android App for Video Calling, Tango – Free Messenger & Video Calls allows you to Chat with your Friends or Family via text or Video Call them over Mobile Data 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. The app has a lot of features like you can play the Games while Video Calling with your Friends, you can share photos. You can even share and listen to songs which are powered by Spotify. You will Find all your pictures & videos in a central photo gallery which is again a Good thing. Also check OGYouTube APK for Android.

All these features make the app a must try for someone who does a lot of Video Calls. Tango – Free Messenger & Video Calls is available for free of Cost on Google Play Store.

Download Tango

5. Google  Duo

You must have heard of two new apps from Google, the Google Allo and Google Duo. While Google Allo is for Text Messaging, the Google Duo App is especially for Video Calling. The App’s interface seems quite user-friendly and responsive, the App’s Video Quality is Good over a Call. The app offers a lot of features including the Filters on Real Time.

You should definitely Check out the Google Duo App which is available for Free on Google Play Store.

Download from Play Store

6. WhatsApp         


This is no brainer, we all know about WhatsApp, chances are you must have opened WhatsApp at least one time today. While there is no doubt that the App is famous all over the Globe, the Video Calling feature of the App is also Nice. It is not the Best for sure, but considering that it’s not been a long time WhatsApp has added this feature, we can still hope for some improvements over time.

The Video Calling Quality is not even that bad, and considering that almost everyone is on WhatsApp today, you can enjoy calling your friends or Family. Also check our tutorial on how to save WhatsApp stories on Android.

WhatsApp is also available for Free on the Google Play Store. Don’t forget to check how to use Dual WhatsApp on Android.

Download WhatsApp

7. IMO

Another great App which allows you to either Chat via text or Calls including Voice and Video Calling. The App offers High-Quality Video Calling Experience over any Network like 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi absolutely free of any cost.

The app like other app has all the basic functions, in addition, the app also has some additional features like Stickers and Filters which makes it even more fun and Interesting. IMO free video calls and chat is also available for free to download from the Google Play Store.

Download IMO

Final Words

So Guys that was the list we prepared after doing Research to serve the best Apps to you. Let us know if you think that we missed any Application that should have been on our list. In case you have any questions or feedbacks, let us know in the Comments Section down below, we would love to hear about your Thoughts on this.

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