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Phones are very important to us nowadays. Everyone wants to have a cool phone with latest specifications and maximum storage. With phones, all things related to phones are equally important. One such very important thing is Wallpapers. Yes, the background or the home screen picture which is often neglected. Wallpapers increase/decrease the look or display of our phone and it also describes the person’s nature and style of living. They are very important for a phone. Good wallpaper makes you in a good mood and also leaves a good impression on others. On the other hand, mediocre or bad wallpapers are not appreciated and also does not calm your mind.

There are plenty of wallpaper apps available in the market but not all of them provide cool and quirky wallpapers. The correct wallpaper is tough to find but not impossible. We have thousands of wallpapers on various applications and we can easily find any wallpaper for our phone. Finding any wallpaper is not a difficult task but selecting a right wallpaper is really a very tough task. While selecting the wallpaper for our phone, we should always take care of certain points just like.

  • All the icons on the screen should be visible. – A wallpaper should not hide the icons by being too colorful or with many objects. It should be sober and light so that the icons on the screen are clearly visible.
  • The wallpaper should not be dark. – Dark wallpapers are a discomfort for the eye. They take all your attention and don’t give a good feeling.
  • Wallpaper should b catchy, bright and attractive. – Attractive wallpapers will give good vibes and you’ll be in a good mood while using your phone.
  • Nature wallpapers suit the most. – What can be more beautiful than nature? Nature has its own beauty and hence is the top choice for backgrounds for our phones or laptops.

But who has the time to search through millions of photos on the internet for one amazing wallpaper right? So, here we will tell you the famous free wallpaper Apps for Android. You can download them if you want really amazing wallpapers. So, Some of the free applications for cool wallpapers that are available on Google Play Store are as follows. Also have a look at how to get iPhone emojis on Android.


This app is one of the very popular wallpaper apps. It is a very old application and it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. This app has a collection of various types of wallpapers. It also consists of 3d wallpapers. It is an absolutely free app, we do not have to pay any type of cost to download it.



It is an old application which consists of cool HD wallpapers. There is a collection of awesome wallpapers from which we can select the best one for our phone.  This app also has Android Wear Support which has a search function with favorites and tags. It is a free application. It has many stickers, effects and filters stored in it which we can use to set the wallpaper for our phone.

Download Kappboom


It is an application which provides live wallpaper. It consists of various high-quality wallpapers. Muzei app supports Android wear and Dashclock. This app is totally free and open-source. It has a specialty of giving a new background every day to users. There are wallpapers of classic pieces of art. Sometimes this app gives a blurred effect to the wallpaper so that it will be helpful for us to see the icons on the screen properly.  This app is basically for those who love arts. Muzei has also launched its extensions for the users.

Download Muzei


Zedge is a very popular app which consists of various ringtones, alarm tones, and wallpapers. The wallpapers and ringtones stored in this app are in bulk and they are divided into various categories so that we can easily find our favorite ringtone or wallpaper. Zedge is a free application and around millions of people has already downloaded it. It has HD wallpapers which will automatically get fits according to our screen size.

Download Zedge


Wallpapers HD is an application which provides UHD and 4K wallpapers. It has a collection of above 85000 wallpapers and all the wallpapers are divided into various categories. This app also provides the feature of auto-fit wallpapers according to the screen size. It is a free app available in the Google Play Store. There are advertisements in the app which sometimes slows down the app.



Wonderwall is not a very popular app but it does have a great collection of wallpapers. There is no blurred or low-quality wallpaper on this app. All the wallpapers have high resolutions. This app is free although there are some features in the app which we can only access after purchasing it. It has excellent design quality.

Download WounderWall


Reddit is an amazing wallpaper app available on Play store. It consists of subreddits which have many wallpapers with different resolutions. We can also have our Reddit account for free but if we want to get some additional features in it then we have to purchase the app named Reddit Gold. We can search for any wallpaper that we want as it has a search feature which makes our searching task easier.

Download Reddit


MTP Ringtones & Wallpapers is an app that has both, ringtones as well as wallpapers. This app has an amazing collection of exciting ringtones and eye-catching wallpapers which are different from other wallpapers. It does not have HD wallpapers. It is somewhat same as the Zedge app. The way of organizing and dividing the data in the app is really adorable.



500 Firepaper App features live wallpapers throughout the day. And, you will not be bored with one single wallpaper as it changes the wallpaper every day. It shows pictures from all around the world. It shows wallpapers from the site 500px which is known for its great photography. It is free if you want to download it and has some in-app purchases which are optional.

Download 500 Firepaper


TAPET is a first of its kind app which lets you design your own wallpaper. Yes, it has some very cool designs which allow you to generate high-quality wallpapers using mathematical functions. Not only this, if you want you can also choose from pre-designed wallpapers or any random wallpapers. It is a new app but has become very popular among users. It designs wallpaper according to your phone’s screen resolution and has various effects to choose from.

Download Tapet


So, these were some of the best apps for downloading amazing wallpapers. They included all sorts of wallpapers from live to high-resolution to designing your own. If you’re tired of searching Google for pictures to set as background, you can try these apps for Android which are free of cost. But in case you like to search yourself, then you can always Google for good backgrounds. Or, if you want to set your picture or your loved ones’ picture as background then what could be better than that.

No matter what background you set, you should always keep changing it because it gives the feeling as if the phone has changed. Also, good wallpapers give good vibes when you use your phone. So, do try all these 10 Free Apps for best wallpapers for Android and do tell us which one you like the most. Stay tuned at latestmodapks for more cool apps like these.

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