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Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing is a mountain race game where physics have been used.

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Name Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing
Package Name
Category Racing  
Version 1.6.2
Size 38.42 MB
Requires Android 4.0.3 and up
Last Updated April 20, 2023

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Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing Apk is basically a downhill bike racing, and it’s developed in such a way that its unique in itself. You will always remember the downhill racing experience for the whole of your life. Racetrack goes through beautiful Valley, you will enjoy your ride. Smash over small and huge rocks, and roots of trees which have dried many years ago. Jump over rocks and make a record of staying for longest in the air. Score extra by performing combos and stunts with your bike. Score more and more and new bikes will be unlocked for you. Demand the king of the mountain and fight for your rights. Overall this game is full of thrill and action. If you really love bike racing game then there is nothing better than Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing latest version.

If you are very punctual of time, you will really like to play timed races. In this type of race, time is set when the race starts and you have to cross the finishing line before time finishes. If you hate games with limited time them don’t worry instead of timed race switch to freestyle trick events. There are around 20 Mountains and more than 100 trails to play on. The best part of it is that all these trails and mountains are inspired by real-world location. You will earn many rewards for playing also you can buy them from the store. Make your character look better and beautiful. Modify your bike and increase its strength, speed, agility, energy etc for running on a trail.

Download Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing Apk for Android

Experience the effects of real physics working on your character and his bike. Bike suspension is pushed down and you land on the rough surface creating a chance of destroying your bike. Try to make your landing soft of big jumps and drops. When you cross high jump in high speed you create chances of crashing down. When your rider falls off the bike you can use your thumb to push him a little bit ahead. You get an option to share your score on a social media website. Also, you can challenge your friends via Facebook to beat your score. I think we all have played or at least heard about Motocross racing game.  The developers of Motocross game have brought Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing game to us.

This game is said to be so good that it takes the players in the imaginary world of mountain bike racing. Everything looks so real and beautiful. This games makes a big deal with science and especially gravity. You can see movements in the games. This is very necessary for having a safe and perfect landing on the ground. The sound effects of this games make it look more realistic than it is in reality.

Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing Features:

Even if I try to tell you all feature of the game, I don’t even have an idea how much time it will take to finish. I will only try to mention some of the best, unique and amazing features of this game which you can’t find anywhere else.

  • 100+ different mountain trails so you can really have a ride of every type.
  • More than 80 gears for your rider and bike which makes bikes strong and your rider to look gorgeous.
  • Upgrade frames and wheels of your bike and make it stronger than before. So it will be easier for you to win the race.
  • Active physics even effect the suspension of the bike, ensure everything before landing.
  • Perform various types of flips in the air after a jump.
  • The concept of real active physics makes this game really very much addictive to play.
  • Online Leaderboard in the game adds Stars in its beauty. It generates a spirit of competition in you which makes you stronger than before.
  • Various powerful bikes and every bike has its own special ability.

These were some features of Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing Apk. I am sure you just loved all of them. Not you? Yeah! Your answer is YES! Now, you all are thinking about the best place to download this game. Right? Okay, so, let you know, we are going to share the latest version Apk file of this game just after this paragraph.

Download Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing Apk

On the internet, most of the websites are fake. They claim for the Latest Version Apk file but when you download and open it, what you see it’s an older version. But, actually, they named it as the latest one. In such case, we all get irritated. Right? No problem if you too have faced the same problem as we are going to share working download link for bike mayhem mountain racing apk.

This is the link to Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing latest version. Now, whenever any new version of the game gets released, we will update it here. 😉 Stay up to date with us for not getting missed any new update. Well, you can bookmark this page for getting regular updates on time.

Requirements to Play Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing Game

There is no special requirement for installing this game on your device. But, to your satisfaction, we are going to share a list of all the required things.

  • Android Phone (Running on 4.0 and higher version)
  • Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing Apk (Link shared above)

These are the only requirements in order to install and play this amazing racing game on your smartphone. Now, whenever you get ready for the apk file, you can proceed to the main steps shared below.

How to Install Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing Apk on Android?

Don’t know how to install apk file? Okay, no problem, let us tell you a step by step guide to install bike mayhem mountain racing apk on your Android. Don’t worry, there is nothing hard in these steps.

  • First of all, download Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing Apk.
  • Search for the apk file and click on Install button, you will get it in the download folder.
Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing
Install Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing
  • The installation process will get started, wait for a while.
Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing
Installing Bike Mayhem Racing
  • Click on the Open button after successful installation.
Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing
Bike Mayhem Successfully Installed
  • Voila! You have successfully installed the game on your smartphone. Now, enjoy real mountain racing on your Android with this amazing game. You can follow the same procedure for installing any kind of Apk file on your device.
Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing
Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing

Tips to Remember

Lean on the bike when you are in the air and perform a front flip. You will earn lots of points for doing this. Make sure that you pick up the combination of frame and wheel to achieve maximum score and travel maximum distance in each level. Always use boosters to complete the hard trail. It will also increase your chances to get to the top of the leaderboard. Wheelies don’t drain your energy so never miss a chance to do it. When you play in a timed game, don’t rush as soon as game start. The timer will only start when you start pedaling your bike so take your required time. Always remember these all points before playing the game. I am sure it will help you a lot in improving your gameplay.

The mountain bike racing game is now even better than before. Ensuring that its bug-free now, creators of the game have launched its new version. Developers have even worked for stability and performance of the game. I am sure that you liked this game, so if you have not downloaded it till now on your phone. Then don’t wait anymore get the best mountain bike racing game on your phone now and start playing it.

Final Words

So, we have tried to cover every small thing about Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing Apk in this article. Still, if you face any problem in downloading it installing it then feel free to comment below. I will try my best to solve your problem. Share this game with your friends and develop competition among yourselves. Stay tuned at latestmodapks for more games like these. Try to be better than your friends every time. Get on the top of worlds Leaderboard and show the world that no one else is better than you. That’s all in this article, you may check our homepage for more games and applications.

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