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Don’t Compromise your privacy! Get rid of all Advertising, Spam, and Malware with the Block This – Ad Blocker app.

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Block This

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4.0.3 and up

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January 20, 2023


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Most of today’s services, whether commercial, informational, e-commerce, or civil, are used by most users through browsers and apps on their computers or smartphones. But most online websites and services rely mainly on advertisements and affiliate marketing. This can sometimes become quite frustrating for users, and malicious files like Malware can easily breach device security. All these problems can be solved by using Block This App an Ad-Blocker tool that removes all advertising, spam and Malware from your device.

Block This Apk

About Block This App

Block This, developed by Sava Georgiev, functions as an adblocker tool that blocks ads on Android apps and browsers. The app works by blocking the IP addresses of the networks that are used to serve ads. This effectively prevents the ads from loading, thus reducing data consumption and eliminating the distraction of ads. It also protects the user’s privacy by preventing the collection of data through tracking cookies and other methods.

Block This

In Block This! app, you have been provided with a whitelist section. This feature lets you show your gratitude to the developers who have been creating and publishing quality apps while still giving you the control to block Ads from other sources that you don’t wish to see. It is a great way to help the developer community while still maintaining a good user experience. To carry out this process, you can click on the “+” icon and mark the apps to allow them permission.

Features Of Block This App

Many features have been included in the Block This app to strengthen smartphone security and privacy. Some of them are listed below:

Ad Blocker(Block All Ads): By Block This app, all types of advertising associated with browsers and apps can be removed, including video and audio ads, popups, banners and tracking cookies. Moreover, the powerful VPN servers incorporated in this app help you get rid of ads instantly on any device.

Block This Apk

Malware Protection: Piracy websites often sneak malicious Malware onto your device, which is completely thwarted by Block This! Antivirus Technology. There is a list of common Malware attached to this app with information, so you will always be protected from any kind of virus attack.

Reduce Data Consumption: Users’ internet data is burdened with innumerable and unintelligible ads on many online entertainment and information platforms, resulting in rapid data consumption. Block This app removes all unnecessary ads from your device, allowing you to save up to 25% on your data plan.

Improve Battery Life: Several apps perform various tasks in the background of your smartphone device, draining the battery fast even when the device is on standby. The Block This App ensures that all background activities are blocked, resulting in an improvement in your battery life.

Additional Key Features of Block This! App

  • Starts Automatically at the time of device boot up.
  • Providing higher internet speed with lower data consumption.
  • Forcibly stops background activities to prolong battery life.
  • Antivirus Protection: Blocks all types of Malware and viruses.
  • No More Tracking: Blocks tracking cookies.

Q)- How does Block This! App Works?

A)- This app works by changing the DNS setting on your device and re-routing all ads, spam and malware requests through the VPN server.

Q)- Is this app secure?

A)- Unlike a Real VPN app, Block This doesn’t tunnel your traffic to any remote server. By changing your DNS settings, this app prevents ads and Malware from appearing on your device.

Final Words

A powerful adblocker tool, Block This App, protects your Android device from Malware, viruses, and the advertising displayed on apps and browsers. Lastly, you can now reduce your data consumption by eliminating all the ads and enjoying high-speed internet.

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