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Now listen and download your favorite music and podcasts online and offline with an 85+ million audio library only on the Boomplay app.

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Name Boomplay
Package Name com.afmobi.boomplayer
Category Music  
Version 7.1.41
Size 58.1 MB
Requires Android 4.2 and up
Last Updated April 21, 2024

Listening to music is a great way to relax and reduce anxiety or depression. Boomplay offers 85+ million songs that you can listen online or offline in high quality sound.

Many researchers believe that music is a tool that improves your depression, blood pressure, mental health, and sleep quality. There are more than 85+ million songs online and offline within the Boomplay app. You can play in this app by choosing genres like rock, pop, and reggae according to different artists and regions.

Boomplay Apk

Bringing the talent of local singers to the world stage can be done very well through this app. Here local singer gets a platform to present a glimpse of his talent in front of millions of users, thereby increasing his chances of getting into the category of a famous singer within a few days.

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About the App

Boomplay is a music player app with more than 1 billion downloads on the play store. You get to listen to songs of all Indian artists and singers online and offline in high lossless audio. Through the option of Personalize Library, you can easily create a playlist of your favorite songs. And effortlessly search it by putting your personal keyword tag on the songs in the Boomplay app.

The fear of losing the music data collection ends inside this app because you can see the cloud storage space from which you can save music online. The Boomplay app is an excellent platform for all regional and local artists, making navigating floor-to-floor easier for newcomers.

What’s inside the Boomplay App

Offline Music Download

Boomplay is a music downloader app where you can download songs in lossless, high-quality format audio like mp3, aac, m4a and wav for free. All these songs are save in your SD card or phone’s internal memory. So that you can listen to songs anytime without the internet.

Boomplay Apk

Personalized Playlist

The Boomplay app personalizes the playlist for you according to the taste of your song. After you play your favorite songs, the app only provides recommendations of similar genre songs, giving you an immersive experience.

Boomplay Apk

Support your Favorite Artist

The Boomplay app is now counted on the Billboard charts, including other Billboards like Top 100 Artists, Top 100 and US Billboard. The number of times you play or click on your favorite artist’s songs inspires the artist to create more new songs for you.


Equalizer Setting

You can easily adjust the sound setting according to your music genre because, in the Boomplay app, you can see the equalizer setting inbuilt.


Lyrics Availability

You get to see the lyrics of all the trending songs in the Boomplay app so that you can enjoy the songs with feeling.

Premium Features of Boomplay App

Unlimited Download

You can save all songs offline in high-quality format inside the Boomplay app. All songs are saved in your internal storage and sd card Your data is saved safely through this option.

Premium Content

You can unlock some artists’ songs, and podcasts with a premium subscription made just for subscribers. With the help of this feature, you can design your unique playlist by discovering songs in a wide range.

High-Quality Audio Unlock

Under the standard play option, you can listen to the audio in compressed form, which makes a difference in the quality of your song. You can remove this limitation inside premium to listen to songs within 320Kbps.

Ads Free

To avoid interruptions or annoying ads while listening to your favorite songs or podcasts. You can opt for a premium subscription that lets you listen to ad-free content that makes your spiritual journey easier.


The Boomplay app provides offline and online podcasts on all topics apart from trending songs from all the world’s famous artists, thereby increasing your access to your favorite artist’s songs even more.

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