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Bussid Indian Livery is a skin injector app for the Bus simulation game developed by GSV Creations.

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July 12,2018


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If you like to play Bussid games like Bus simulator Indonesia, bus simulator Kerala, Tamil bus simulation, Dynamic bus simulator, etc, this app can help you to change the skin of the buses with Bussid Livery apk. Bussid Indian Livery apk is not a game but a skin injector which helps users to customize their bus designs according to their choice. There are more than 100+ skins available on this app.

These are some of the Indian Bus skins available on Bussid Indian Apk:

  • Jabbar Travels
  • Kallada Travels
  • KAVERI Travels
  • KPN Travels
  • SRS Travels
  • SRM Travels
  • SETC
  • Kerala State RTC
  • Kesineni, etc

These skins can be applied to the buses on your game easily with simple steps. follow the tutorial provided by Bussid Indian livery apk to inject it successfully into your game. Liveries mean the skin of buses, and Horns are new addition which can be applied to buses to make it look unique and cool. Just go to livers there, you can find different kinds of skins. Click on anyone and inject it into the game easily with the tutorial provided by Bussid livery apk.

Features of Bussid Indian Livery Apk:

  1. 100+ Bus Skins: You can download and inject more than 100+ skins on Bussid games. These skins are very delicate and highly detailed, which makes everyone its fan. Those who are fan of Bussid games for them, this app is heaven on earth.
  2. Add Horns to your buses: Besides skin, you can also add Horns now with the latest version. These horns can be applied to the head of the bus or near the headlight of the bus.
  3. Easy to use: This app doesn’t have any complicated setup. Just open it and choose the bus designs to inject. Download it and inject it with one click.
  4. Intuitive User interface: The user interface is very simple. Even a 5-year-old kid can easily use it without any guidance.
  5. One-click injector: Yes, if you have bussid games on your device, then one click is enough to inject the skin of bus in that game. Just refresh the game by opening again, and you will find changed skin.
  6. Safe for the device: This app is completely safe for your device. It doesn’t provide any power to the game neither modify the game. It just adds the skins to the buses to look cool.
  7. Free of cost: This app is completely free of cost. Bussid Indian livery fans must download this app.
  8. Makes gaming experience better: This app is going to make your bussid game experience better than before with eye-catching bus skins.


Bussid Indian Livery apk has 100+ skins and horns for buses. You can apply this on any BussiD games like Bus Simulation Indonesia, Kerala Bus Simulation, Bus Simulation: Ultimate, etc. This skin injector can be applied to multiple games with bus simulation. Bus skins make the overall simulation game interesting and amazing. Download the Bussid Indian Livery apk to your tab or smartphone if you like bus simulation games.

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