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Explore the world of candies, match and pop similar candies, unlock new levels, and find unique items with Candy Crush Saga Apk.

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More About Candy Crush Saga

Name Candy Crush Saga
Package Name com.king.candycrushsaga
Category Casual  
Size 98.5 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Last Updated May 16, 2024

Candy Crush Saga Apk is a game available for everyone, whether you’re a child or an old age uncle; everyone can enjoy the game and have fun. This game has thousands of unique levels that keep getting hard to make it even more enjoyable. The control buttons are easy to understand, and you can enjoy this game for hours with smooth controls.

Match, pop, and blast candies to get more score points. If you play the game regularly, you will start getting sugar bonuses, and you can use these bonuses to unlock new lifelines and unique items. You can play this game offline without the internet or play online to see your rankings on the leaderboard.

Candy Crush Saga Apk

The concept of this game is easy; all you have to do is arrange three candies of the exact nature in a row to pop. You can pair it with more candies to make an enormous blast. You can participate in the sugar challenges to enjoy limited tasks to earn extra bonuses.

About Candy Crush Saga Apk

Candy Crush Saga Apk is the only game with a base of all age groups, from little kids to old ages; everyone loves this game. It has thousands of unique challenges you can complete by matching and popping candies. Match 3 candies in a row or sequence to pop the area and get new candies to fill the spaces. Find the matches and repeat the steps until you get the maximum score points in the given time.

There are many unique puzzles that you have to solve in a limited period to pass the challenges. You can use the clues to get hints about unthinkable moves to help you pass the mission. You can earn more clues by winning the bonuses. If you play the Candy Crush Saga App regularly, you’ll get daily rewards of coins and hints.

The game is available offline, and you can still enjoy the missions in the same environment. You can sign in using your google account to save the credentials and game data on your cloud. So, even if you uninstall the game, you start again from where you left off last time. It’s a fantastic game to let you pass your free time by solving exciting puzzles and challenges.

Features of Candy Crush Saga

  • Unique Puzzles

You have to solve unique puzzles to pass the levels. Match similar candies to pop the candies, make big blasts to score more points, and enjoy the special items to shoot maximum candies in the given time.

Candy Crush Saga Apk 1

  • Thousands of Levels

The game has thousands of levels you can enjoy with the same energy. Every level has a more complex challenge than the previous levels, and you must use different skills every time.

  • Get Daily Bonuses

If you open the game regularly, you can have daily bonuses. This bonus includes free clues, diamonds, and extra turns to help you in challenging missions. You can purchase different lives if you have enough resources.

Candy Crush Saga Apk 2

  • Play Offline

You can play the game offline and enjoy the same experience of playing missions without the internet. All your game data and progress will be safe within the app, and you can continue playing the game from where you left it the last time.


In the end, we hope you guys love Candy Crush Saga Apk and share the game with your friends and family member who feel bored in their free time. This game has endless missions that can keep you entertained for a long. If you have doubts about the game, use our comments box to share your thoughts.

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