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Cars Fast As Lightening is an amazing game where you can play high-speed racing.

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Disney’s cars franchise is one of the top franchises of all time. With Gameloft, Disney launched a game named Cars Fast As Lightning Apk on Oct 9 2012. The game had the whole feeling which was there in the movie. But suddenly, the game was discontinued and removed from the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Today we will tell you everything you need to know about Disney Gameloft, along with the complete story of the cars franchise. So without further delay, let’s get started.

Cars Fast As Lightening

About Disney

Let’s talk about Disney. Walt Disney started it, and the first blockbuster hit was beauty and the beast in the late 60s. After that, another cartoon series like Micky mouse Aladin cars and some other light-hearted shows and movies. The cars franchise had a different storyline and catered not only for kids but many young audiences in their teenage years.

Asphalt Nitro 2

About the cars franchise story

Cars Fast As Lightening

Car movie has three parts, and the first part was released in 2005, and it was an instant hit with McQueen, the critical car and his girlfriend Sally. The story starts with a race where McQueen was racing at the first position. But as he was close to the end, his tyre burst and the Race was a draw. Now Race decided to do the Race again. McQueen was in a truck a few days before the Race, but both slept.

Suddenly McQueen slipped out of the truck, and he was lost. He started racing fast to find the truck, but instead of finding the truck, he got into more problems as police cars found him speeding and started following him. McQueen started going faster and ruined the entire road and met an accident now, the police cars also got him and took him to court, where the judge told him to leave the city asap.

Still, a female car named Sally enters the court and tells the judge it will be better if he fixes the road now. From here, McQueen learns new lessons from his life with the judge and all the cars of the town, and finally, he goes back to the Race and loses it but wins the hearts of everyone.

Cars Fast As Lightening

Gameplay of Cars Fast As Lightening

It is an entirely racing game where you choose from multiple available cars. A completely different storyline, miniature sound effects of cars, and high-speed racing will make you believe that you are right now in the car world instead of the real World.

Why are cars fast as lightning apk not available on the Play Store

Cars Fast As Lightening

Cars quick as lightning apk is not available on the play store. Cars fast as lightning was uploaded on the play store nine years back, but one year before the release of Vehicle 2, it was delisted when asked Gameloft, they said that it was done to keep the story of cars two intact.

Can I play cars fast as lightning game

Cars fast as lightning apk is not available on the Play Store; you can download it from an external source such as latestmodapks. Also, you have to download the extra data and add it to the game’s obb section. Else you will not be able to play the game ultimately.


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