How To Change Font Style In WhatsApp [WORKING]

Updated on April 14, 2022

WhatsApp has many features and options for the convenience of the user. WhatsApp Messenger is an app available on IOS as well as on the android platform. This app can help the user in sharing photos, video, audio, voice & text to another person or group or another social networking platform.

WhatsApp is the most used and biggest social networking app in the world, as now it connects billions of people around the world & for now it is available on different platforms like WhatsApp web for windows OS. WhatsApp is known for providing recent updates in the app to the user from time to time. These apps are certainly meant for security enhancement and privacy improvement.

The app application also provided new feature updates to its users. These features include different themes and chat wallpapers for a particular user. It is the only app available in the market which is preferred by the user globally and it is the most downloaded app in the world as of now.

Change Font Style In WhatsApp

How to change Font Style in WhatsApp

  • Download and install FMwhatsapp from the official website of the FMwhatsapp and install the app after granting certain permissions.
  • Open FMwhatsapp and you will the font style of the app is conventional. To change the font, click on the three dots on the top right corner of the app.

FMWhatsApp Settings

  • Click on the Fouad mods. Which will be available at the top among all the options.

Fouad Mods

  • Now the user will see different features of the app. Now the user needs to click on the “Universal” option, which will be on the third from the top.

Universal Fouad Mods

  • Now the user needs to click on “style (look and feel)

FMWhatsApp Font Styles

  • Now, user, we see a new window and there will be an option of “font style”, simply click on “font style”.

WhatsApp Font Style

  • Here users can see a plethora of different fonts, just select as per preference.

Font Styles For WhatsApp

  • After going back to the chat menu of FMwhatsapp the user will see that the fonts of the texts are changed.

Change WhatsApp Font


The app brings certain features and different app from time to time. Last year WhatsApp introduced WhatsApp business. The app was particularly meant for business development whether the business is small scale or large scale. WhatsApp is also the largest technology platform as seen for business purposes and to connect from distant relatives and friends.

WhatsApp is used all over the world and it is available in different languages depending upon the respective country. In India, this app is the mode of business and connection. It is not just an app in India. India is getting digitally advanced day by day and the revolution in technological advancement can be witnessed every day.

India is turning into a digital market and somehow our country digitally advance than our neighbour country, online sector and digital platforms have created a lot of job opportunities for tech enthusiasts as well as business is booming after going digital. There is rapid growth that can be witnessed in the digitalization of India, and the credit goes to WhatsApp and its different platforms.

Although WhatsApp comes with different functionality and features. But these features are limited. To use the god mode of WhatsApp the user will have to go for a third-party app. Some of the best mod apps of WhatsApp available in the market are GBwhatsappFMwhatsapp.

These modified apps provide several different functions and features. FMwhatsapp gives some cool feature that is not present in WhatsApp itself Those features which aren’t available in the ordinary WhatsApp. These modifications include read the deleted message, send large files over WhatsApp, longer status video timing, and much other security and privacy feature.

Today we will be going to talk about one particular mod app. That is FMwhatsapp. This app is pretty much the same as GBwhatsapp in features and functionalities. Today we will talk about, how we can change the font in WhatsApp while using FMwhatsapp.


This functionality is inspiring for those who are looking for different fonts in WhatsApp. People usually get fed-up after using the conventional font of ordinary WhatsApp. The users who are looking to change the font of their WhatsApp messenger. All they need is to follow the above process. Although this functionality will only work on FMwhatsapp, so the user will have to be dependent on the mod app. This method can’t be used in the conventional WhatsApp app.

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