How to Change WhatsApp Fonts on Android

Updated on April 14, 2022

Many people want to Change WhatsApp Fonts to make it more stylish. Maybe you are one of those, are you? If Yes then let you know, it isn’t a hard task to change Font Style in WhatsApp. In this article, we will tell you how you can change Fonts in WhatsApp easily. As you all know, WhatsApp is one of the most popular chatting application in all over the world. It has Billions of users interconnected to each other through this app. They are providing amazing services to the users and we all love it because of its simplicity. You can send & receive messages within seconds from your phone through the WhatsApp.

How to Change WhatsApp Fonts?

If you search on the Internet for best WhatsApp MODs then the first result every website will show is GBWhatsApp. Maybe you have already heard about it. Why not, it is the most popular WhatsApp Mod Apk ever; GBWhatsApp has so many amazing features like Hiding Blue & Second Ticks, Change WhatsApp Themes, etc. You can also use WhatsApp plus or YoWhatsApp instead of GBWhatsApp from this post. Also, you can change WhatsApp Fonts too. It has a collection of lots of Stylish Fonts which can be applied to this app by a single click. Don’t worry if you have never used this Mod App before because we are going to tell you a step by step guide to change WhatsApp fonts.

Requirements To Change WhatsApp Fonts:

As there is no feature is available in WhatsApp App to change Fonts, you have to follow some steps to make it possible. Don’t worry it is a very simple process and you can do this within 5 minutes. First, have a look at some basic requirements to complete your wish:

  • Android Phone (I hope you have one :-p )
  • GBWhatsApp Apk (Important)

These are the only 3 requirements to enjoy custom Fonts in WhatsApp. Let me ask, is there anything special on the above-given list? I hope you answer is NO as we will also provide you a download link for GBWhatsApp in the steps below. It’s time to come on the main steps for changing WhatsApp Fonts. You can also show your WhatsApp status always online with GBWhatsApp.

How to Change Fonts in WhatsApp?

Make sure you have already checked out Requirements section. If you have checked, you can start following the steps given below:

1) First of all, you have to uninstall official WhatsApp app from your phone. Why? because we are going to install Mod App instead of it. It is not possible to use two WhatsApp with the same Phone Number so you should remove the old one.

2) Now, download GBWhatsApp Apk Latest Version on your device from here – Download Now

3) Install the downloaded Apk on your Android, you will get it in the download folder.

4) Open the App after successful installation and make account same as like you have created in official WhatsApp.

5) When your WhatsApp will become ready to use, click on Top right corner and tap on “GB Settings” option from the list.

6) Scroll down a bit and click on the 11th option i.e “Change app Font“.

7) Now, it will show you a list of Stylish fonts, simply select your desired one and click on Load Font button.

8) Press back button and check the Font is applied successfully. Voila!! You have successfully changed WhatsApp Font.

That’s it, these are the only steps you have to follow to change WhatsApp fonts. Isn’t it simple? Yes, it is. Now, you can follow the same procedure on any Android phone to change Fonts style in WhatsApp.

There are many useful features are provided by WhatsApp in their app. But, still, there is a lack of many Features every user wants to be getting added to it. Well, recently they had launched one marvelous feature i.e Delete Already Send Message feature. I am sure even you have tested it too. Through this feature, you can easily recall WhatsApp messages and it will disappear from both sender & receiver’s phone. We all are loving this feature. What I have seen there are many Customisation lovers want to change their WhatsApp’s font too. But, there is no option available in their official application to do such thing. Well, this doesn’t mean it is impossible to enjoy custom fonts in WhatsApp. There are many WhatsApp MODs contains this feature as default.

Final Words

So, this is how you can Change WhatsApp Fonts easily. We have provided you just 8 steps and they are enough to make you possible in changing the Font style. Well, unfortunately, official WhatsApp doesn’t contain this feature that’s why you have to install a Mod Apk on your phone. But, don’t worry it is a genuine application and there is no harm will happen to your Android. If you are facing any problem in this tutorial, feel free to ask in the comment section. Stay tuned at latestmodapks for more cool tips & tricks like these.

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