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Clean master is a great app to make your phone fast by cleaning all the junk in one click.

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November 01,2022


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Clean master apk is a free app to make your phone faster. Since the inception of phones, there has existed a problem with phones getting slow. But for so long, nobody has been solving this problem from the root, but the clean master app helped Millions of users to make their phones fast. Today we will give you all the neat master app information and the download link.

Clean master apk

Android is a Linux-based open-source program owned by Google. As time has passed, Android has evolved from Android 1 to android 13, but the problem of phones getting slow and lagging still exists. The prime reason phones are slow is that most companies make customisation by adding a layer of the third-party user interface.

Other reasons which are possible

It increased cache files

Clean master apk

Cache files are system files created by every app we use on our phones. Let me explain to you an example of the meaning of cache. We all use Facebook, YouTube and phones. We can use preloaded photos and video previews whenever we use YouTube or Facebook, even if we don’t have internet. It is all files which are saved from previous sessions.

If we take an example of images now, it creates thumbnails of all photos, so your android phone doesn’t need to load high-quality prints every time you preview them. Every app makes these files, but most of them are useless. And will be created if you delete them, and it will not harm any of your data.

Too many apps in the background

Clean master apk

Now, if you have a phone with low RAM, like having two GB or three GB ram in your phone, it will get slow if you use too many apps that don’t have a high ram. But what is the ram for daily users, and how it affects your usage? Well, in lame terms, ram is random access memory; think it’s a plate of food for your lunch; if you have a burger, it will be fine if it flows out of your container. But if you have a burger with french fries, a hot dog, and other stuff on a small plate, it will overflow.

Here not only the ram’s size but also the ram’s quality matters, like DDR 3 and DDR 4. Also, the software which manages it matters along with the processor. In short, to keep your phone working smoothly, it must clean all the processes operating in the background.

Outdated Android version

Every year a new Android update is pushed by Google. It is done to keep the phone safe from various viruses and to add new features. But as a new version of Android is added, all apps update their software according to it; now, this makes the older version of Android outdated and slow. If you use an old Android version, then updating it is the only option to keep your phone fast and secure.

Cache Cleaner & Junk Cleaner Master

Cleans cached files from the background to keep your phone clutter free and fast.

CPU Cooler

Clean master apk

It closes useless background apps to keep your phone cool and uses thermal sensing to reduce heating.

Memory Cleaner & Storage Cleaner

Automatically clean memory and storage when it is above a threshold limit you can set from the app.

Notification Cleaner

Takes charge of all the notifications and reduces all useless reports.

Game Booster App

It cleans your phone’s ram and closes all apps while using any app with high ram requirements.

Battery Saver

It reduces all apps and functions running in the background and increases battery life.


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