Best Clock Widget Apps for Android [Analog & Digital]

Updated on April 20, 2022

Hey Guys, In this post we will tell you about best clock widget apps for Android. Man invented clock to keep pace with the running time, but it seems like even clocks can’t help you chase time anymore. Today android phones users at the top of their game, no matter what you need, there is an application for it out there. All you do need is a little bit of research and a few clicks, and ta-da, the application that want in your phone up and running as you like. Well, the same goes for a clock, in your phone. We all look at the clock often, may it be when we waiting for a boring meeting to end or may it be when we are waiting of a person to show up. We all need a clock for the purpose of knowing how much we are losing and how much we can seize. There are many types of clocks available when it comes to applications, however selecting which one to use can be confusing. Not to worry, here at the best clock applications and clock widgets which are available for you to use!

Top Clock Widget Apps for Android


Though it claims to be a ‘simple to use’ clock widget application for your android phones, it has tons of options for use to explore. The application is very effective in fulfilling its purpose, as it is easy to download and install. It has interesting options which the user can choose from when it comes to lock screen plus display in your mobile phones. The key four features that the application offers are: general appearance, calendar events, clock and alarm and a time panel. There is one clock widget included with GBWhatsApp, don’t forget to check it out. Each of the feature can be customized according to your need and can be added to your lock screen. One thing to keep in mind is that the application only runs on an android device with a running version 4.1 or higher. It works excellently with androids 4.2 and upwards.

Download Chronus

One More Clock Widget

This application has two versions, one is free for android users to download, install and use, while the other one is paid and costs 0.99 USD to the users. The free version has a lot features to offer, contrary to the popular notion that free versions don’t have good features almost as good as the paid version. You will see simplistic skins with a plain white text on a transparent background, as soon as you open the application. Holding true to its ‘simple to use’ selling point, it has a simple interface and has so many variety of templates and designs, that will makes you fall in love with this application. Another key feature of the application is the presence of weather forecast feature. This is essentially amazing is you live in a place with unpredictable weather or your plans are always hampered by it.  Themes, just never get boring with this application, you can be as colorful as you want it to be, rather than sticking to a boring or dull theme.

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D-Clock Widget

If you are someone who likes to stay ahead of time and is themselves always on time, then this is the best application for you. This application will help you not only check time but also save it throughout the day. The application has two formats a 12 hour format and a 24 hour format, you can select either of the two, depending upon your preferences. The application also gives you options between selecting a black or a white wallpaper. You can also change the position of the clock by a single tab, helping you save precious micro seconds of you time. The application is free to download and use. It also takes up minimum storage space, which ensure that your phone has tons of space left even if you are using the application. You can change the colors of the themes and if you are the kind of individual who likes stability, then this is application to go for.

Download D CLOCK

Simple Calendar Widget

Simple Calendar Widget makes things practical and easy for you. This application gets all your tasks and notifications in a single corner of your phone, making your life easier. This ‘simple to use’ application is the high on functionality and is practical. The home screen will display important details, task, calendar, and clock and back up details. Basically, all the details that you have to check on your phone over and over again. This application also keeps is really simple, as it does not provide a hoard of options to choose from. So, if you are looking for something minimalistic, which won’t give a headache every time you look at the screen, then use this application. Summing up the application in three words –practical, functional and minimalistic. So, avoid the confusion and the chaos with this simple application.

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Minimalistic Text

If you tired of looking at the same home screen with the same boring background then this application will help you transform is, as a complete personalization is possible here. With this application you have control on what is to be displayed and you can also add new sources of data to the application. Some of the key features of this application include customization, light-weight, monitoring battery consumption, easy management and auto-update. This application too displays weather forecast in your phone, making it easier to plan your day according to the weather. However, the list of its features does not end here. If English is not your mother tongue, then you will be happy to know that you can set one out of the 23 languages available as your default language. If you are looking for a beautiful home screen which you can customize, that too in your native language then this application is a must have in your phone.

Download Minimalistic Text

Wrapping Up

The kind of application you download, install and use ultimately depends upon what you want from your phone. Whatever it is that you need, one of the above applications is bound to suit your needs and if not, then keep looking out for different applications which will. So stay tuned at Latestmodapks for more cool apps list like this.

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