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Clubhouse Apk is a free social audio app that lets you connect with people around the world in real-time conversations.

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Name Clubhouse
Package Name
Category Communication  
Version 24.06.18
Size 203.7 MB
Requires Android 8.0 and up
Last Updated June 21, 2024

Clubhouse APK for Android is an innovative, interactive, entertaining social media platform that provides users with a unique way to connect with friends. It allows you to create a private space to chat, play games or hang out in real time.

With its easy-to-use interface, Clubhouse lets you join conversations about topics of interest while also giving you the opportunity to start new ones yourself.


You can even invite others into your virtual room so they can participate in whatever activities are going on at any time! Whether it’s catching up over coffee or playing board games together online – there’s something fun waiting around every corner when using this app!

Features of Clubhouse for Android

The Clubhouse Android app is the perfect way to stay connected with friends, family and colleagues. Its innovative features allow users to quickly create group chats or join existing conversations.


While enjoying a wide range of other activities, such as sharing photos and videos, playing games, or even participating in live events. This user-friendly platform offers an easy way for people to come together virtually anywhere they are worldwide!

  • Create and join clubs to connect with people who share your interests.
  • Share audio, text or images in any conversation.
  • Follow topics you’re interested in for easy access to conversations about them.
  • Invite friends from other apps like Twitter, WhatsApp & more.
  • Listen along as others talk without having to say a word.
  • Get notifications when someone mentions you by name or @mentions you.


Pros and Cons of Clubhouse:

  • Easy to use: Clubhouse Android app is designed with a simple user interface that makes navigating easy for all ages and experience levels.
  • Accessible from anywhere: The app can be used on any device, allowing people to stay connected no matter where they are located.
  • Engaging conversations: Users have the opportunity to join in exciting discussions while connecting with like-minded individuals around the world.
  • Variety of topics available: There’s something for everyone as there are various categories ranging from tech & business talks, sports debates, music shows etc., so you will never get bored!
  • Free access: It does not cost anything extra or require subscription fees which means anyone can enjoy its features without worrying about spending money unnecessarily.


  • Not available to everyone – Clubhouse is still in its early stages and not yet widely accessible. This means that many people cannot use the app, as it requires an invitation from another user with access.
  • Limited features on the Android Version – The Android version of the app does not have all of the same features as iOS users enjoy, such as audio calls or direct messages.
  • Privacy concerns- Some users may be concerned about their privacy while using this platform due to a lack of transparency around how developers collect and use data behind Clubhouse’s backend infrastructure.

FAQs Regarding Clubhouse for android.

Welcome to the FAQs page for Clubhouse App! This audio-based social network app allows users worldwide to connect through conversations.


Here you will find answers to some of your most frequently asked questions about this revolutionary new platform, including how it works and what features are available on the mobile version. We hope these resources help you start using Clubhouse quickly and efficiently so that you can connect with people from all over the globe in no time!

Q: What is Clubhouse?

A: Clubhouse is a social media audio platform allowing users to join virtual rooms and has conversations with others. It’s free, invite-only, and only available on iOS devices.


In each room, one or more moderators lead the conversation, while others can listen in or raise their hand to speak when the moderator(s) calls upon them. All content shared within these rooms is ephemeral; nothing will be recorded unless specifically requested by someone attending the discussion.

Q: How do I get an invitation to use Clubhouse?

A: Invitations are currently limited as part of our growth strategy, but you may request access from friends who already have it via text message (SMS) or email if they choose to share it with you directly through those methods.


You could also reach out publicly on Twitter using the #ClubHouseInvite hashtag, where many active members post invitations regularly! Additionally, we offer some public events that anyone can attend without needing an invitation, so keep your eyes peeled there too!

Q: Is my information secure once I sign up for the clubhouse?

A: Yes – all data collected during the registration process, such as name & phone number, used solely for authentication purposes and not sold/shared outside of this purpose nor stored permanently after verification has been completed successfully.


We take security very seriously here at the clubhouse, implementing measures like encryption techniques & two-factor authorization whenever possible to protect users’ info best!


The Clubhouse app is a great way to stay connected with friends and family and meet new people. Its easy-to-use interface makes navigating the platform simple for anyone of any age or technical skill level.

With its wide range of features, such as audio chat rooms, private messaging capabilities, and an ever-growing list of topics available for discussion – there are endless possibilities when using this application! Whether you’re looking for somewhere fun and interactive where you can share your thoughts on current events or want a place to hang out with like-minded individuals – Clubhouse has something that everyone will enjoy.

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