Comparing Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock Edition

Updated on November 17, 2023

Minecraft, the viral sandbox game developed by Mojang Studios, has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. With its endless possibilities for creativity and exploration, players can build their own virtual worlds block by block. However, two main versions of Minecraft are available: Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. This blog post will discuss a detailed comparison between these two editions to help you decide which suits your preferences.

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1. Platform Compatibility:

One significant difference between Java Edition and Bedrock Edition is platform compatibility. The former is exclusively designed for Windows PCs, macOS computers, and Linux operating systems with robust hardware requirements.

On the other hand, Bedrock supports multiple platforms, including Windows 10 PCs (via Microsoft Store), Xbox One consoles (including Series X/S), PlayStation 4/5 consoles (as well as Vita), Nintendo Switch handhelds/docks – even mobile devices running iOS or Android!

2. Cross-Platform Playability:

Bedrock takes pride in its cross-platform playability feature that allows gamers from different platforms to connect seamlessly within a single multiplayer session using Realms or dedicated servers hosted on various devices like smartphones or gaming consoles mentioned above.

Due to technical limitations, the Java edition offers multiplayer capabilities but lacks actual cross-play functionality across all supported platforms.

3. Modding Support:

Regarding modding support – modifying gameplay mechanics through user-created modifications – nothing beats Minecraft’s Java edition! It has an extensive community-driven ecosystem where thousands of mods are available online via websites such as CurseForge or Modrinth.

Unfortunately, fans of the Bedrock edition who wish to explore mods extensively may be disappointed since it doesn’t have official mod support yet except for limited add-ons created using Behavior Packs that only alter certain aspects like textures rather than introducing new features entirely.

4. Redstone Mechanics:

Redstone enthusiasts rejoice! If you love tinkering with complex circuits and gadgets, Java Edition is your go-to choice. It offers more advanced Redstone mechanics than the Bedrock edition, providing greater flexibility for creating intricate automated systems.

Bedrock edition’s Redstone system has some limitations due to its simplified approach; it may not offer the same level of complexity or precision as in Java Edition.

5. Technical Performance:

Java Edition tends to be more demanding on hardware resources than Bedrock Edition. Its reliance on Java programming language can lead to occasional performance issues such as frame rate drops or longer loading times – especially when running extensive mods or resource packs.

On the other hand, Bedrock boasts optimized code written specifically for each supported platform, resulting in better overall performance even on lower-end devices like smartphones or consoles.

6. Customization Options:

Both editions provide players with customization options but differ slightly in their offerings. In Java Edition, you can access countless texture packs (resource packs) that significantly modify the game’s visuals, and various shaders dramatically enhance lighting effects.

Bedrock edition also supports texture packs but lacks shader support – although Mojang Studios has hinted at future implementation plans!


Choosing Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock Edition depends on personal preferences and priorities. If modding capabilities are essential for you alongside robust multiplayer cross-play functionality across platforms like mobiles/consoles/PCs, consider opting for the Bedrock version despite limited mod availability so far!

However, suppose you prioritize extensive modding possibilities combined with superior Redstone mechanics and don’t mind playing solely within the PC/macOS/Linux ecosystem without cross-platform playability concerns. In that case, Minecraft: Java edition should be your preferred choice!