Comparison Between FMWhatsApp and Official WhatsApp

Updated on November 17, 2023

In the world of instant messaging, WhatsApp has become a household name. Its user-friendly interface and many features have revolutionized how we connect with friends and family. However, as popular as the official version is, modified versions are available in the market, offering additional functionalities not found in the original app.

One such modified version is FMWhatsApp. Developed by Fouad Mokdad, this unofficial variant expands WhatsApp’s offerings while adding unique features to enhance your overall messaging experience. In this blog post, we will compare FMWhatsApp with the official WhatsApp to help you understand which suits your needs better.

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1) Customization Options:

FMWhatsApp takes customization to another level compared to its counterpart. It allows users to change themes easily according to their preferences or even create their own customized music from scratch using various tools provided within the app. On top of that, you can personalize chat backgrounds for individual contacts or groups – something official WhatsApp lacks.

2) Enhanced Privacy Features:

Privacy concerns have always been at the forefront regarding any messaging app. While both versions ensure end-to-end encryption for secure conversations, FMWhatsApp goes a step further by offering advanced privacy options like hiding online status (so others won’t know if you’re active), turning off read receipts (preventing senders from knowing if you’ve seen their messages), and more granular control over who can call or message you.

3) Increased Media Sharing Limitations:

Officially limited media sharing capacity often frustrates many users; however, FMWhatsApp addresses this issue effectively by allowing larger file transfers than what’s permitted on regular WhatsApp – upping limits significantly so that sharing high-quality photos/videos becomes hassle-free without compromising quality due to compression constraints imposed by default settings.

4) Multiple Account Support:

If managing multiple phone numbers seems cumbersome while juggling between different apps/accounts simultaneously sounds like a nightmare, FM WhatsApp comes to the rescue. It allows users to easily use multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single device – something that official WhatsApp does not provide natively.

5) Additional Features:

FMWhatsApp boasts an array of additional features absent in its official counterpart. These include customizable chat lock options for added security, anti-delete messages (preventing others from deleting sent messages), scheduling messages for future delivery, and much more.

However, it is essential to note that using modified versions like FMWhatsApp may have certain risks. Since these apps are unofficial and not developed by the original creators, there’s always a chance of compromising your privacy or encountering compatibility issues as they might violate WhatsApp’s terms of service.


While FM WhatsApp brings exciting new features and customization options compared to the traditional version offered by WhatsApp itself, one must weigh both sides before deciding.

If you value enhanced customization capabilities and advanced privacy settings and don’t mind taking some risks associated with third-party applications – then FMWhatsApp could be worth exploring further. However, if stability and adherence to official guidelines matter most without any potential drawbacks, sticking with the tried-and-true Official WhatsApp would be your safest bet!