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Take control of a Giant Death Worm and annihilate enemies with your unmatched powers.

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More About Death Worm

Name Death Worm
Package Name com.playcreek.deathworm_free
Category Arcade  
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Version 2.0.054
Size 42.9 MB
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Last Updated October 28, 2023

Many people like to watch movies about science fiction, old monsters, fights and special abilities. The Death Worm Mod game will give you all these exciting experiences on your device.

About The Game

Death Worm is an action game developed by PlayCreek where a giant monster worm seeks to destroy every foot that falls on its scorching desert soil. Within the game, you get to see 45 levels back to back where you have to face an unknown enemy in each level with a time limit. Finally after completing the level, you get a chance to upgrade the Worm.

Death Worm At the beginning of the game, you are faced with harmless enemies, but as the level increases, the enemies’ powers also change suddenly, which becomes very difficult to face. You can easily overcome all these challenges by collecting power-ups to fight against enemies.

Death Worm

Animals, birds, lizards, business people, and even predator animals are nothing but snacks for your giant predatory Worm. All attacks prove even more powerful and deadly as the level increases and the time limit to strike also increases. All these attacks will be needed in Giant Boss battles, where even a deadly attack can turn the battle’s turning point.

Powers and unique attacks are unlock as the level progresses. These upgrades include the warm’s size, speed, and strength, and the deadly combination of fireball attacks over time inflicts significant damage on the enemy. The Death Worm Mod game is compatible with almost every device, whether a lower specs device or a flagship. The game’s graphics are balance with the hardware.

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Game Controls

The controls of the Death Worm game is designed in simplified form. So that you can quickly master and immerse yourself in the game.

Left Joystick Key: You can set the Worm’s movement by moving the joystick on the left side up/down to provide direction to the character.

Fireball Attack: To try special attacks like a fireball, you have been given a unique button like a splash symbol on the right side.

Nitro: The nitro button dramatically increases the acceleration of Underground’s running monster worm. Allowing the Worm to fly like the wind and jump multiple times on the ground regardless of the ongoing bullets.

Features of Death Worm Game

Attractive & Simplify Graphics

The Death Worm game has already made its mark on the PC platform, now in Android and iOS also, with significant upgrades, realistic graphics, and all the small details being threaded on the vehicles, animals, and people in business that seem close to reality. Downloads above 50 million are testimony to the fact that the fanbase of this game is huge in numbers.Death WormChallenging Missions

The 45 levels inside the game all offer a tremendous challenge. You see new combos and powers as you pass the level and increase Worm’s capacity. Several rounds are seen inside the Death Worm mod game, in which you get to see a list of tasks related to the mission on the left side, such as: “Level up by eliminating 10 people”, “kill 5 people in 30 seconds”.

Death Worm

Enemies List

The goal of the giant Worm is to kill every person and creature that comes to its territory. From humans to animals and even vehicles cannot be deprived.

Humans: Civilians, Gunman and Artillery Man
Animals: Birds, Camels, Elephants, Underground Lizards, Tiger.
Automobiles: Police Cars, Cargo Trucks, Tank
Helicopters: Gun Copters, Missile Copters, Drill Copters.
UFO: Attacks intensely just by looking at it with laser-guided rays.Death Worm

Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Keys
  • Ads Remove

Final Conclusion

Death Worm Mod is an action arcade-based game where a giant worm dislikes interfering in the territory and attacks all the creatures and humans it comes across. Show your power by breaking all limits and presenting an unforgettable challenge to the enemy.

Reviewed by: Yazmine

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