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Are you an Indian looking for some safety application for your goods or family members? Disha Apk is the one you’re searching for. With Disha Apk, you can easily find a nearby police station, report a crime without sharing your identity, or search for emergency contact numbers of police, ambulance, or firefighters. The Andhra Pradesh Government designs this application for public safety.

What is Disha Apk?

It’s a verified application approved by the government of Andhra Pradesh itself. With this app, you can feel safe anywhere in the state. Disha Apk has all major portals to assist you in bad situations. It has emergency contact numbers for the ambulance, firefighters, or nearby police. With only one click, you can make a call and tell your story to them, and they’ll be there to help you in all possible scenarios.

You can report a crime or register an online FIR against the happenings. It’s an innovative app to inform everyone about women’s safety and rules you should not break. There is no need to pay for the services, and everything is free and under the government’s guidance.

Features of Disha Apk

Here are some of the Disha Apk features you should know about before you install the app on your device.

  • Women Safety

This app innovates the public about women’s safety, and if you’re the victim, you can report harassment, bad behavior, or assault with this app.

  • Emergency Contact

You can find all the emergency contact numbers of government services, including ambulances, government hospitals, nearby on-duty police officers, and firefighters.

  • Road Safety

Keep checking the safety section to know about the road and traffic rules. Also, there is a list of rules and their charges. In case you break any, you have to pay the amount.

  • Public Information

Daily alerts will be posted here to share the essential announcements among the public of Andhra Pradesh.

  • Safe Places

If you’re worried about your safety, find the nearby police station or safe places with this app.

How to Use Disha Apk?

Once you install the Disha Apk, you’ll get to know about all the major options on your own. Still, to help you out in the beginning, follow the below points.

  • Open the app and register with your mobile numbers.
  • Fill in all the required fields. Make sure you’re from Andhra Pradesh, or this app won’t work for you.
  • On the homepage, you’ll find all the significant icons of helpline numbers and safe places.
  • Explore the options of your interests.


So this was all about this Disha Apk and the working process of this app. As we mentioned, this app is only for the Andhra Pradesh public, and if you belong to any other state, this app isn’t let you register in the first place.

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