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Dragon ball Legends is a great action game for Android.

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Name Dragon Ball Legends
Package Name com.bandainamcoent.dblegends_ww
Category Action  
Version 5.4.0
Size 236.8 MB
Requires Android 6.0 and up
Last Updated May 22, 2024

Dragon Ball Legends is one of the best action games based on an Anime series. Dragon Ball is a popular cartoon show that airs in India on Cartoon Network. Anime are cartoons made in Japan and they play an important role in Japanese digital economy, with over 400 new anime shows created each year – making them some of the most well-known cartoons around the world.

Anime targets not only kids but also adults as it relates to them. It is renowned between adults and kids both. The same is the case with the dragon ball legends apk tv show. This show has an average human with superhuman power, which makes it very attractive, and people binge-watch it.

Dragon Ball Legends

For the past three years since the dragon ball legends apk was released on the google play store; the game is always better top-grossing action game category. Role-playing games like dragon ball legends are famous among audiences who live in Anime. Today most action games like PUBG are multiplayer games, and you must have many friends to play an action game online, but it is not the case with dragon ball legends apk is an action-packed single-player game. There are not many single-player games available in the action category.

The storyline of the Dragon Ball Legends game

Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon ball anime is based on an alien species which looks like humans, but they have a tail. They live in universe seven and are brutal. Only a few of them are good. They are called Saiyans. Goku, or kakkrot, is also a Saiyan, along with his son Gohan and Vegeta. He came to earth and started living here, but he has many problems, like other alien species trying to attack them. The fight scenes of the dragon ball are legendary in themselves. It is a concise introduction to the dragon ball universe.

Features of the dragon ball legends apk

Dragon ball legends apk have many features which could be discussed in this section but to keep the post short and sweet; we will only include a few important ones.

PvP match

Dragon Ball Legends

As in the beginning, we told you that it is a single-player game; it doesn’t mean that it is a player vs computer game. All your competitors are real. The main benefit of this is you can do friendly matches which friends or real companions while playing with unknown players. Player vs player mode in the game gives us a natural feel that we are playing the game more interactively and not with some computer-generated script.


Role-playing in dragon ball legends apk is the most remarkable feature. You can play games as any character you desire, which is seen in dragon ball super, dragon ball z and all the new characters.

Dragon Ball Legends


dragon ball legends apk have 3d graphics with action-packed fights. It provides us with a great experience while playing any conflict. All the pictures are designed by capturing the actual human, transferring it to an AI, and simulating it to a game.

Real character voices

To give the character a more accurate feel, you can hear the authentic voice of the actual dubbing artist, which is seen in the anime series.


It was our take on the iconic game dragon ball legends apk for android. I hope we have convinced you to download the latest version of the game from the link provided above. If you have any questions, comment below. Thank you for reading.


Reviewed by: Najwa Latif

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