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Dragon City mod apk is a strategy-based game for Android.

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November 29, 2022


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Dragon city mod apk is a game which I can play for hours. Today I will give you a complete review of the dragon city mod apk for android. Many of us have already played clash of clans; well, it is a better and upgraded version. Let’s go into detail about every part of the game.

Dragon city mod apk

What are dragons, and are they real?

Dragons are mythological characters seen in the holy scriptures of the Chinese empire. Dragons are animals which can throw fire from their mouth. Fascinating, isn’t it? Since ancient times dragons have been an exciting topic for humans to debate. In my opinion, it might be true that dragons are real, as many scientific studies have shown that it is possible to create a fire-like substance in the stomach.

Fire fascinates us as it has saved us from winter nights and rains. Thus animals like a dragon, too, makes us excited.

Dragon city mod apk

Administrative game

Administration and leadership is a quality which everyone desire. Humans love to create and administer something which they have made. It is the biggest reason why dragon city mod apk is a favourite game of everyone.

Dragon city mod apk

Dragon city mod apk Description

It is a simulation game where you can train dragons to build your city and grow it. The game has no limits. It is one of the top 7th most downloaded games in the simulation category. The trick to mastering the game is to breed. The more you produce, the better you will get powerful dragons. Although it is a solo game, it has both solo and multiplayer functions; let me explain how it works.

You must build your city and dragons by yourself, but when fighting with other cities, you must have an excellent alliance to ensure your win. Today the game has been downloaded more than 100M times on the play store. I think this is enough to explain to you the popularity of the game around the world.

Create your dragon

Dragon city mod apk

In the Dragon city mod apk, you can create your custom dragons by breeding pairs of dragons. You can make more than 1000 new dragons with a combination of various dragons. Each dragon has its strength and weakness. As you grow your city, you will also get some legendary dragons.


The fastest way to grow is using doing more and more battles. The more actions you participate in and win, the more chance you can grow faster. Wars are between two alliances. Alliance are a group of many players which create a team.

Build your city

Dragon city mod apk

To build your city, you must spend your gold and food wisely on your dragons. One of the easiest methods to grow your city faster is upgrading your top dragons so that they can build your city as quickly as possible. Here a simple rule applies that quality over quantity.


It was our post about the Dragon city mod apk download for android. We hope we have given you enough reason to download and play this legendary game. Now you can easily decide if you want to play this game or not. For more such awesome games, please check out our website’s latestmodapks.

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