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Ebravo is a Pakistani movie, and TV shows streaming platform for android devices.

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November 16, 2022


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EBravo Apk is a platform where you can find Pakistani movies, TV series, games, News and much more all in one place. This app also provides sports news and live game matches too. Besides Pakistani TV shows, you can also find Hollywood web series in Ebravo App. This app is free of cost and doesn’t require any form of subscription or signup.

Ebravo Apk

There are live games in this app which you can play. You can also find software and apps which you can download. The user interface of Ebravo Apk is clean and easy to understand. This app is made especially for Pakistani users. There is also an Islamic prayer alarm clock and scriptures that will help you become a better Muslim. This app is mainly used for its free movies and web series, which they can avail of without paying for subscriptions.

Ebravo Apk

Download Ebravo Apk and enjoy amazing Hollywood, Bollywood and Pakistani movies in one place. You can also get weather reports and stock market updates in this app. This app is an all-in-one package of entertainment and infotainment where you can watch and download movies as well as read news and scriptures all at your fingertips.

Key Features of Ebravo Apk:

Ebravo Apk is a small and simple app, but it has enormous collections of the latest movies and web series. There are many other features that Ebravo Apk provides, which you can read below:

Ebravo Apk

  • Latest Movies: Hollywood, Bollywood, Asian, Anime, Pakistani, Turkish and all majorly famous movies are available in this app. You can watch your favourite movie in HD quality in Ebravo Apk. If you want to watch a movie offline, then you can also download it from this app. The movies in Ebravo Apk are categorized according to genre, so you can find the perfect movie of your choice.
  • Web series: These days, Hollywood web series, Asian web series as well as anime are quite popular in Pakistan. You can watch all latest and famous web series in Ebravo App. You can find the proper season and episode-wise series in this app. 
  • Pakistani TV Shows: Lots of Pakistani serials and TV shows are not available on YouTube. Some of them can be found on the ARY app, but still, it’s impossible to find old and new TV Shows anywhere. Ebravo Apk provides all Pakistani TV shows with proper episode wise which you can binge-watch with your friends and family.
  • Sports: The sports news, as well as live cricket matches, are available in this app. you can also watch WWE, Tennis, Football and other sports matches in this app. 
  • News and Stock prices: This app also shares news from various platforms. You can also get stocks, Forex and Metal rates in Ebravo Apk.
  • Islamic: You can find accurate prayer times and many Islamic scriptures in this app. You can also download naat and PDFs from Ebravo App.
  • Weather Forecast: These days, we all have the weather forecast on our smartphones. But here Ebravo App also provides accurate results of the weather forecasts, which might be useful for you.
  • Download games and apps: Besides movies and web series, you can also download Games and apps from Ebravo Apk. There might not be enough apps to download, but you can find all the essential ones in that app.


Ebravo Apk is a movie and web series streaming platform that also provides many other services, such as Islamic prayer alarms and scriptures, News, Weather forecast, Shaeree market rates, Live sports matches and much more. Here you can also download the movie easily. All Pakistani TV shows are also available in this app. Download Ebravo Apk right now and enjoy the latest movies with your family and friends for free.

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