How To Enable Dark Mode In WhatsApp [No App Needed]

Updated on November 16, 2022

How To Enable Dark Mode In WhatsApp [No App Needed]

WhatsApp is helping people in many ways and in the situation of the pandemic this app has helped a lot of small as well as large business entities. WhatsApp business is another app from WhatsApp. This app is meant for business purposes only. Whether a businessman has a small business or a large one.

If he/ she wants to make its business available online then WhatsApp business is the best option. In the era of the pandemic student as well as teachers have to be dependent on WhatsApp a little more. Mostly for classes and discussion of the topics. WhatsApp also offers the user to make voice and video calls. There are many features in third party WhatsApp like GBWhatsApp.

Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode

How To Enable Dark Mode In WhatsApp

  • Open WhatsApp on the smartphone. There will be three dots on the top right corner of the app.
  • Simply click on three dots.

WhatsApp Settings

  • After that user will see settings in the last of all the available options. Click on settings.
  • A new option menu will appear. Now the user needs to click on the chats option, Second from the top.

WhatsApp Chats

  • A new option box will appear in which there will “theme” option, it will be the first option from the top.

WhatsApp Theme

  • Now the user will see a box, in which two options will appear.
  • The first one will be light and the other one will be dark. To enable dark mode, the user needs to click on the dark option.

WhatsApp Dark Mode

  • The theme of WhatsApp will be changed to dark mode. Users can go back and check in the chat box and contact menu.
  • If you wish to change the theme back to its default, then follow the same process and select Light/System Default to change your theme again.

How To Enable Dark Mode In WhatsApp [No App Needed]


So, the people who are far away from their home and stocked there due to lockdown. WhatsApp is their key to sustain and be in contact with their friends and relative in hard times. It has become a vital necessity to use the app in the current era. WhatsApp has a decent function.

That is “dark mode”. This mode can help in plenty of ways. This is a theme of WhatsApp in which the user will see WhatsApp in a dark colour (mostly black and blue). This mode can help users to be on WhatsApp for a long time without straining eyes. So, let us talk about the steps to enable “dark mode” on WhatsApp without wasting any time.

Final Words

This is the most genuine method by which a user can change the theme of WhatsApp from the app itself. By this mode, it will be more convenient for the user to use WhatsApp in low light as well as at the night. Using WhatsApp for too long can be very troublesome and tiring to the eyes, hence Dark Mode was added to it.

In the lockdown period, there is no way to be away from this app as it has become a priority to use this app to stay in contact with employers, teachers, students, relatives, or friends. We will keep this post updated with more methods to change the WhatsApp theme, so keep visiting this page to know about it.