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FaceApp APK to apply creative and funny filters on your image to look old, as a kid, your opposite gender, and swap faces with celebrities.

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Name FaceApp
Package Name io.faceapp
Category Photography  
Version 11.10.1
Size 88.1 MB
Requires Android 7.0 and up
Last Updated May 3, 2024

You may have heard about this fantastic application before, and it’s a great AI photo editing tool for your smartphone. FaceApp Apk allows you to edit your images with funny filters and take your pictures to the next level. It has creative filters that can help you swap the face with any celebrity or with your friends. You can turn your standard image into a model portrait, click a selfie and export your facial gestures to a model’s photo.

Nobody will notice the editing because of the AI; it fills in all the details and delivers a masterpiece in seconds. All the filters are easy to use because you can apply the filter with one click, and you’re done with the process. There’s no need to spend hours of editing because AI is there to help you with every edit.


About FaceApp Apk

FaceApp Apk is one of the best and the easiest way to turn your images into something creative. You can use the filters to change the gestures of your face with one click. Swap your face with celebrities and turn yourself into an old aged person. You can also find the little kids’ version of yourself and the opposite gender of your image. This tool has AI-based filters, and you can edit the photo in seconds; now, you don’t have to spend hours editing on photoshop because FaceApp Apk has the one-click edit feature in all the filters.

Not only filters, but you can also add face masks and change the colour of your skin tone. Convert your body into a muscle man and lose/gain weight in no time. Edit the hairstyle and find which looks the prettier on you, and try moustaches for once because it’s fun having a big beard. You can also perform some basic edits to remove the acne and blemishes from your face to provide a clean skin tone.

Filters Aviator in FaceApp

With the face app, you can perform various creative operations on your images, this includes:

  • Gender Swap

Find the opposite gender version of your image, and apply the filter to check the female/male version of your face.

  • Ageing Filter

You can try this filter to check how you’re going to look when you become old and cross the age of 80 years.


  • Change Hairs

Please change the colour of your hair and grow them into long silky hairs, or the afro design, or get bald.


  • Swap Faces

Take a selfie with your friends, and your faces will swap; it’s a fun filter to amaze your partner.

  • Kids Look

Try the kid’s version of yourself to record funny videos and images. This filter will turn your face into a little kid at the age of 5 years.

  • Try Weight

If you’re unhappy with your body shape, use this filter to edit your image with your desired body shape, be a muscular person, or be a fat kid.

Features of FaceApp Apk

To know about the app, read the bullet points below.

  • One Tap Edit

It’s an easy tool to edit your images because it supports the one-click edit technique and all the filters quickly go on your pictures with a single click.

  • Free for Everyone

You don’t have to pay anyone for the services; this entertainment package of creative filters is free for everyone.

  • Direct Share Button

You can directly share your images on social media apps and post them on your wall feed or your Facebook page through the share button.

  • Add Accessories

Add accessories to your image, and includes gold chains, necklaces, and glasses to make your photo look even prettier.

  • Remove Acne & Blemishes

You can remove acne and blemishes easily with the clear skin tone filter and save the file for further edits. You don’t have to remove every acne manually, and the AI will handle the job.

Final Words

FaceApp Apk is a free creative tool to turn your image into something creative and make you laugh. Find the opposite gender, old age image, little kid’s face, and other versions of yourself with creative filters. All these filters are available for you at zero cost; if you have questions about this tool, use the comments box.

Reviewed by: Bethany Jones

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