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Fading City is a survival game full of zombies where your mission is to clear the city by eliminating those Zombies.

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Fading City

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Role Playing  




1.1 GB

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5.0 and up

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November 16, 2022


2.7 / 5. Vote count: 3

Fading City apk is a Survival RPG-based game. The background of this game is from a Chinese city known for its progress and development. With those achievements comes greater risks. The leak of chemicals in Weidu City lead to the conversion of humans into zombies at a rapid rate.

The chemical had been spread out in the city as a blue mist mixed with the open air. Whoever comes in contact with that blue mist becomes a zombie. Your Character is one out of many humans alive in Weidu city. Your main aim is to finish all Zombies with your survival skills.

Fading City Apk

Weidu City has a bunker where most scientists and researchers are working on finding a way to break the blue mist molecules. Your character can possess all kinds of weapons to kill Zombies. This game is one of the most Famous Roleplaying games of the year 2022.

Fading City App

The graphics of the game is of high quality and better than any other mobile game. Fading City is an open-world game where you can meet other gamers online and play with them too. The gameplay is extremely smooth. The D-pad on the right side helps your character move, while the action keys are on the left.

Key Features of Fading City Apk:

Fading City is a hostile place full of dangerous zombies. Besides awesome graphics and storyline, there are other amazing features given below:

features of Fading City

  1. Huge Map: Fading city starts with a bunker at Weidu City, which is also one of the most populous cities in China. Besides that, you will find many other cities which you will travel to once the mission at Weidu City is completed.
  2. Weapons Variety: From hand-to-hand combat, and melee weapons to Guns and bombs, all will be used in this game. Pistols and SMGs are one of the most basic weapons your character will carry all the time.
  3. Scary monsters: Initial monsters might be weak as they can be killed with hands and pistols, but as you go through the storyline, you will be contacted with various scary monsters who are hard to kill.
  4. Detailed 3D Graphics: The Graphics have high resolution and FPS. The overall game looks very realistic with HD graphics. You can lower or increase the graphics quality as per your need.
  5. Roleplaying: You can choose the gender, clothes and looks of the character in this game. The roleplaying is very accurate and realistic with its audio and visuals.
  6. Thrilling Sounds: Besides Graphics, audio is also amazing. Many times you can get really scared by the frightening noises made by zombies. The Talk between humans might be in Chinese, but you will get subtitles of it every time.

Frequent Asked Questions

What are the requirements to download Fading City App?

To download this app, you must at least have up to 1.2GB of space on your android mobile. This app is approximately 1GB in size that why we recommend having enough space before downloading this app.

From where to download Fading City?

You can download Fading City app from the LatestModApks.com website. We regularly update the apps and provide the latest version of all apps.

Do I have to purchase Fading City Apk?

No, this game is free of cost. There’s no ad in this game. But you can find in-app purchases that can be skipped if you aren’t interested.


Fading City Apk have everything you need in an Rpg game. Amazing storyline, thrilling graphics, Smooth control, Zero lagging, No ads, and overall a package full of surprising features. Download Fading City app and enjoy saving humans from the wrath of zombies.

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