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Fancode Mod apk is an unlocked version of the popular fantasy sports app, giving users access to advanced features and exclusive offers.

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Name Fancode
Package Name com.dream11sportsguru
Category Social  
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Version 7.1.0
Size 103.5 MB
Requires Android 6.0 and up
Last Updated May 29, 2024

What is Fancode Mod?

Fancode Mod APK for Android is an innovative mobile application that provides sports fans with a convenient and easy way to stay up-to-date on their favourite teams, players, games and events. It allows users to customize news feeds based on their preferences, so they can quickly access information about what matters most to them in one place. This app also allows you to follow your team’s progress throughout each game or event by providing real-time updates and detailed analysis from experts worldwide.


Additionally, Fan code Mod APK includes comprehensive coverage of all major sporting leagues, including NFL, Football, NBA, Basketball, MLB, Baseball, NHL, Hockey, NCAA Sports, Soccer, MMA, UFC, Boxing, Tennis, Golf, Horse Racing, Cricket, Rugby, Motorsports eSports & more! Its simple navigation system and intuitive user interface make staying connected more accessible than ever before – no matter where you are located or which sports interests you have at heart!

Features of Fancode Mod for Android

Fancode Mod Android app is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to customize their phone and make it truly unique. With this powerful application, users can easily create custom themes, wallpapers, icons and widgets that will give their device a completely new look. It also offers an array of advanced features such as one-click root access, system optimization tools and more – all designed to help you get the most out of your mobile experience!


  • Easy to use and intuitive user interface.
  • Secure payment gateway for hassle-free transactions.
  • Offers a wide range of coupons, discounts & deals on various products/services.
  • Allows users to track their orders with real-time updates on order status via notifications or emails.
  • Provides exclusive offers only available through the app, such as flash sales, early access etc.
  • Notifications about new arrivals in categories like fashion apparel, electronics, home décor items etc.
  • Option to compare prices from different vendors before making purchase decisions.
  • Ability to save favourite stores and get personalized recommendations based on past purchase history.

Pros and Cons of Fancode Mod:

  • Easy to download and install.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Allows users to customize their phone with various themes, wallpapers, icons etc.
  • Offers a wide variety of features, such as root access control, system optimization tools and more.
  • Provides regular updates for bug fixes and new features.


  • It is not available on the official Google Play Store, making it difficult to find and download.
  • Users may have difficulty understanding how to use certain app features due to their complexity.
  • The Fancode Mod Android app requires a rooted device for some functions to work correctly, making it inaccessible for many users who do not want or cannot root their phones.
  • There are reports of bugs that need fixing from time to time with this modded version of an application compared to other versions like Gcam etc.

FAQs Regarding Fancode Mod for android.

Welcome to the FAQs page for Fancode Mod Apk! This is your ultimate resource for learning all about this popular modding tool. Here, you will find answers to frequently asked questions regarding installation and usage of Fancode Mod Apk, as well as tips on how best to use it to get the most out of its features. We hope these resources help make your experience with Fancode more enjoyable and successful!


Q: What is Fancode Mod Apk?

A: Fancode Mod Apk is a modified version of the original app that allows users to access premium features and content without paying. This modded apk has been created by third-party developers who have unlocked certain elements to make it easier for people with limited funds or those looking for an alternative way of accessing exclusive content.

The modification includes unlocking all levels, removing ads, allowing unlimited coins/gems usage, and other modifications depending on which version you download from various sources online.


Q: Is using Fancode Mod Apk safe?

A: Yes! As long as you are downloading your desired modded apks from trusted websites such as APKPure or XDA Developers, there should be no issues regarding safety when using this type of application. It’s essential, however, that if any malicious code does exist within these files, then they will need to be removed before installation takes place.

Otherwise, potential damage could occur upon completion, so always check reviews before installing anything new onto your device just in case something untoward happens during the process itself.


Q: Does anyone else know I’m using a modified version?

A: No – while some apps may detect whether someone’s running their unmodified counterpart (for example, anti-cheat systems), generally speaking, nobody can tell what changes were made unless expressly stated.



Fancode Mod apk is an excellent app for sports fans that allows them to access exclusive discounts and offers on tickets, merchandise, apparel and more. It also provides a reliable platform where users can easily purchase different products from their favourite teams or leagues with just one click.

With its intuitive interface and user-friendly features, Fancode makes it easy for anyone to stay up-to-date with the latest news about their preferred sport while saving money simultaneously. This modded version of Fancode Apk is an ideal choice when looking for ways to save some extra cash while enjoying your favourite team’s games!

Reviewed by: Aditia Alting

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