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FanGame Live is an interactive live streaming platform for gamers.

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Name FanGame Live
Package Name com.fanplaylive
Category Entertainment  
Version 3.6.0
Size 62.1 MB
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Last Updated September 22, 2023

FanGame Live is an Android app that allows users to play their favorite games with friends and family. The packageId of the App is ‘com.fanplaylive’. With this app, users can join game rooms and compete against each other in real-time for fun or rewards. It supports a wide range of popular online games such as PUBG Mobile, Call Of Duty: Mobile, Clash Royale, Minecraft Pocket Edition and more.

The user interface of FanGame Live is very intuitive and easy to use. After downloading the app, users can create their own profile which includes information about their gaming preferences and interests. They can also search for available game rooms by category or type of game they want to play. Once they find a room they like, they can join it and start playing right away with others who are already inside the room.

Another great feature of FanGame Live is its built-in chat system which enables players to communicate with each other during the game session. This helps them strategize better while playing together and have even more fun! Additionally, there are leaderboards where players can check their rankings among all other gamers using the app worldwide.

In addition to offering exciting gameplay experiences, FanGame Live also provides various rewards for winning games or achieving certain milestones within the app’s ecosystem. These rewards come in form of virtual coins which can be used to purchase exclusive items from the in-app store or exchange them for real money through third party services such as PayPal or Google Play Store credits etc.

Overall, FanGame Live is an excellent android app that offers immersive multiplayer gaming experience along with various incentives and rewards for its active users making it one of the most popular apps on Google Play Store today!

Reviewed by: Faiz Akhtar

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