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Fate/Grand Order Apk is a roleplaying game where you have to save the world.

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Name Fate Grand Order
Package Name com.aniplex.fategrandorder.en
Category Role Playing  
Version 2.90.1
Size 104.4 MB
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Last Updated April 19, 2024

Fate Grand Order apk is a roleplaying action game based on the popular and long-running Anime series by Aniplex, Fate Order. It features all of the characters from this anime series and has a similar storyline as well, making it an essential play for fans of Fate Anime. The goal in this game is to save the world from enemies.

fate grand order apk

There are many gaming apps which have been inspired by movies and anime, but none of them is as accurate as the Fate Grand Order apk. In this game, you have to fight the enemies with your team, which consists of Dangerous Servants and heroes. The servants are taken from historical and mythological figures. 

fate grand order apk

The entire fight in the Fate series is to win the holy grail that fulfils the wish of the last man standing. This game is more like a battle royale where you have to eliminate everyone to win. Just like its web series, the game is lengthy and full of amazing storylines that will amaze you. The overall graphics and gameplay are eye-catching and easy to understand.

Key Features of Fate/Grand Order Apk

The Fate Grand Order game, which is taken from the fate series of anime from Aniplex is one of the most famous RPG games. This game has an only story mode, which can also be termed career mode. Read about Fate Grand order features below:

Fate Grand Order

  • Storyline: The author has described that the world in Fate Grand order is going to get destroyed in 2019. To save that world, heroes have to kill enemies and win the holy grail. The holy grail provides wishes which can be used to save the world.
  • Graphics: The graphics are significantly in 2D, just like its anime. But there is more than graphics which is the detailing that you can find in this game. Each and every character have its own winning and attacking graphics.
  • BGM and Voice artists: More than 50 Japanese voice artists have given their voices to this game. The background music is very artistic, making you feel the moment’s heat.
  • Characters: Basically, all characters have been taken from The Fate series. Some of the most famous characters you can find in this game are Zhuge Liang, Gilgamesh, Sakata, Okita Souji, Jack the ripper, Jean d’Arc and much more.
  • Servants: Most of the servants are taken from famous movies and novels as well as historical and mythological figures. These servants have unique powers. Some are good at attacking, while some are good at defending. You can create your own army of servants to defeat enemies.
  • Strategy: As all characters generally possess unique skills and power, you can create a perfect team according to the need in-game.
  • User Interface: Both Graphics and Music are fantastic, but the user interface is smooth too. You can easily understand the gameplay and rules when you play this game.


Fate Grand Order Apk has exciting characters and servants that you can choose to win this game. The powers of each character are different and unique from others. This game can be very addictive if you have seen the Fate Anime series. Download the Fate Grand Order app and enjoy the best RPG game with a fascinating story.

Reviewed by: Bethany Jones

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