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FAU-G is an online battleground multiplayer game where the last man standing wins the game.

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Fearless and United Guards (FAU-G apk) is a multiplayer battle game developed by Studio nCore. This game is just like PUBG mobile, BGMI, Call Of Duty, Free Fire etc. This game is based on real-life threats (both national and international) faced by Indian Military forces. You can play as a Patriotic Indian soldier trying to protect the borders of his country against invading enemies while surviving in difficult situations. If you are into Military action games, then you should definitely try out this game.

FAU-G Apk Overview


This is not a PUBG Replacement game:

This game is not a replacement for PUBG. As this game was launched after the ban of PUBG by the Indian government, most people have a notion that this game was developed as a replacement for PUBG. In fact, this game is quite different from PUBG. This game is based on real adventures of the Indian Army in real locations like Galwan Valley of Ladakh.

The Gameplay:

This game offers you to play as 3rd person, where there is no enemy that a player is supposed to kill, unlike other battle royale games. Players are not supposed to loot weapons and kill but rather play along with other players which act as your crewmates instead of enemies and explore the map using melee weapons and brawler machines. This is because of the real agreement between India and China that prohibits possession of explosives by the Military of both the countries near the Line of Actual Control. 

This game is a tribute to Indian Soldiers: 

The developers claim that they developed this game as a tribute to the brave soldiers who protect the Indian borders without caring for their own life. Overall this game portrays important and historically accurate Military events of the Indian Military in the form of an action-packed game that hooks the players into the thrilling experience. Even though this game is not like other battle royale games, it is still worth a try if you like Military action games.


FAU-G is a tribute game to Indian Military forces that portrays some historically accurate real incidents faced by the Indian Military in a thrilling and action-packed game format. This game is better than other battle royal games as it does not aim at unnecessary violence that is a part of most battle royal games. Hence, this game doesn’t inspire users towards violence but instead provokes the feeling of patriotism among young minds. If you like Military action-based games, then you should definitely try FAU-G. 

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