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Fetch Rewards is a great app to get rewards on your daily shopping.

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Name Fetch Rewards
Package Name com.fetchrewards.fetchrewards.hop
Category Shopping  
Version 3.25.0
Size 46.1 MB
Requires Android 8.0 and up
Last Updated December 2, 2023

Since my childhood, I use to love shopping. Back then, there were only offline shopping options, and we used to love the places where you got something extra like a coupon or a discount. Well, it is entirely okay that we love bargains, and today we will present you with this fantastic app fetch rewards apk it is the top app that provides you with cashback on almost all of your purchases.

How do coupons and discounts work? Well earlier, since the shopping was offline and face-to-face, we had the option of negotiations which made our shopping experience more engaging from both sides. Let’s understand it better have you ever heard of the furniture giant company IKEA? They open their store out of the city and only sell products in parts. You have assembled all the details to make your furniture.

It is because as you go far out of the city and complete the table, an effort is created, making you love the furniture even more. In short, the more steps and incentives you get, the more likely you will repeat the process. The more cashback you get, you will likely make purchases. And you get a cashback out of it.

Fetch Rewards
But the big question is, why do Fetch Rewards do it for free? Well, fetch rewards gets an affiliate commission from the company where you do shopping; if you buy a product for 100$, then they will get a commission of 10 $, so they give you 8$ out of it, keeping 2$. Well, this is a rough estimate, but you get the idea when done on a big scale, fetch rewards can make a lot of money from this business model.

FAQs about Fetch Rewards APK

Fetch Rewards

Recently Motley Fool ranker Fetch Rewards as the #1 Best Cash Back App for 2022. Whether you shop online or offline, you can quickly get tips on your purchases.

How the Fetch Rewards apk works?

Fetch rewards apk works on a receipt scan reward system. You can get points on whatever shopping you do every day you have to scan the receipt, and Fetch Rewards will add reward points to your account in no time. You only need to keep in mind that you must scan the receipts within 14 days of shopping. And always scan new receipts, which means you get only rewards on purchases done after your account is opened in the fetch rewards app.

Fetch Rewards

On Which brands do I get rewards?

You can get rewards at the local grocery store and on big stories like Cosco wall Mart and IKEA. The only thing you need to do is to scan the receipt, and rewards will be added to your account automatically. There are more then 500+ brands.

How to get the best deal?

You can get the best deals on the deals section of the app, where all exclusive deals are given to provide you with more points. Your points can redeem all these points as soon as you reach the required threshold.

How much do I get?

Fetch Rewards

On average, you can get .05 to 1% of your total purchase value varies from situation to situation. As different products provide Fetch Rewards with various affiliate commissions. You will get varying tips every time you purchase products. For a rough estimate, you can earn 100$ for a purchase of 10K$.

What should buy extra money?

The biggest reason everyone asks is why to use the fetches rewards apk; you should use it because it provides you with free money. Even if it’s 1$ extra, but it’s free, why leave money on the table? As an old saying goes, a penny saved is a penny earned.

Fetch Rewards


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