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FIFA 14 is a realistic football game with active commentary and high-quality graphics.

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FIFA is a global governing body of football, beach football and futsal organisations. It was founded in 1904 to supervise international football competitions among the nations like Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. FIFA is generally famous worldwide for its football league. Fifa 14 Apk brings amazing gameplay, graphics and definition to soccer fans.

Fifa 14 Apk

This game has all of your favourite football clubs and countries which original players. Now you can make your own team and play FIFA tournaments with fantastic graphics. The commentaries are on point in this game. This game has many different modes, such as career mode, Practice mode, Quick Play and season mode. Electronic Arts developed this game during the year 2013. This game was a huge success at that time as a sports game.

Features of FIFA 14 apk:

Football fans can understand the love and passion behind playing their favourite team in FIFA 14 game. This game might be old, but it can still be termed the best soccer game, with every feature on point. Read detailed features of FIFA 14 below:

Play world famous Leagues:


This game has 30+ football leagues where you can choose your favourite teams and clubs and compete against all odds. All leagues are added to this game, even the minor and national leagues. The player’s appearances and names are also exactly realistic, which makes this game one of the most authentic football game.

Play with National Teams


Currently, there are 46 international teams in this game. Each team has accurate players which authentic jerseys. Countries like India, Bolivia, Ecuador, etc., are also available in this game.

The Career Mode:

Gamers who want to start the journey of a soccer player from the bottom can play career mode. In this mode, you will find many challenges and competitions in which you must triumph. When you move ahead in this journey, your XP and rank will also increase, which will help you purchase premium football players and increase your stats.

The Seasons mode:

A football season basically has 10 matches where you will have to win against all teams. As you progress in the season mode, you get closer to winning the trophies. The teams and players are authentic and realistic, just like real football. This game will make you feel the real excitement and rush of playing football.

Build your ultimate team:


Create your own dream team with real-world players in FIFA 14 Apk. You can compete in tournaments and seasons in which your football team is. Defeat your competitor and win coins and trophies with your ultimate team.


FIFA 14 comes with the best graphics in the world. It is the most realistic football game available today. This game has the most real and accurate visual and sound effects. The characters are almost copies of the real players. You will hardly be able to differentiate between a game and a real game.


If you are a FIFA football fan, you will definitely love the FIFA 14 game. This game is close to the realistic football game with 3d graphics and accurate appearances of players. Even the stats of players match perfectly. This game will give you a thrill as if you are playing a game on the field. Download this game and enjoy playing as your favourite football team.

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