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Improve gaming experience, clear background apps, and play games smoothly with Game Turbo Apk.

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Name Game Turbo
Package Name com.xiaomi.gameboosterglobal
Category Tools  
Version 4.0.1
Size 1.7 MB
Requires Android 10.0 and up
Last Updated May 7, 2024

Improve your gaming experience with the Game Turbo Apk. It’s available for all Xiaomi devices, and if you have a smartphone of the same brand, you must give this app a chance. With Game Turbo Apk, you can customize your device settings and let it perform well while playing heavy games.

It works smoothly in the background and removes all the unnecessary tasks and applications which may lag your device a bit or cause overheating. Game Turbo is free for everyone, and you can also find the app on the Play Store.

Game Turbo

About Game Turbo Apk

Game Turbo Apk is a tool that can help you customize your device settings and let you play games without any issues. It controls all the background tasks and applications that consume your RAM data.

Block all the calls and text messages to avoid disturbing you while you’re in a match. Apart from this, you can check the specifications of any game and the requirements list to check whether it fits with your device or not.

This app doesn’t spam you with an advertisement or ask you to pay any fee. It’s free for Xiaomi users, and you can take advantage of this app as long as you want. Game Turbo also has many more unique features inside the package. Check the below highlights to know more about it.

Features of Game Turbo Apk

Read all the bullet points before you install Game Turbo Apk on your device.

  • Screen Recording

It has an option to start screen recording while you’re playing. There is no need to install any other for the same task.

  • Handle Background Task

All the background apps and programs will be removed, which will clean up the RAM space for you to play games without lag.

  • DND Mode

Enable the DND mode through this app, which will block all the calls and text messages that can disturb your gameplay.

  • Device Status

Know all about your device or the games you want to install on the device. Check the specifications and requirements of any application.

  • Control Heating

This app won’t let your device heat because of the gaming. It cleans up all the unnecessary apps and serves you a smooth experience.

How to Use Game Turbo Apk

You only have to install the app on your device, and you’ll learn about the operations through the app itself.

  • Open the app, and you’ll find the icons of all installed games on your device.
  • Select your game and start playing.

Game Turbo

  • You’ll get a pop-up icon on the screen to change settings or record the screen while you’re in the game.

Game Turbo

  • You can set up the DND settings and go through other optimization options through the game settings.

Game Turbo


How to active Game Turbo in Xiaomi?

You don’t have to do anything manually. Once you open the Game Turbo on your device, it automatically activates.

Does it work on Samsung?

It works on Samsung also; perhaps, Samsung has its Gaming Toolbox for the users. You should try that if you have a Samsung smartphone.

Reviewed by: Laila Karbalai

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