GBWhatsApp Alternatives: Exploring Other Third-Party WhatsApp Mods for Android

Updated on November 20, 2023

WhatsApp has become an integral part of our lives, allowing us to stay connected with friends and family across the globe. However, many users feel limited by the features offered in the official version of WhatsApp. This is where third-party mods come into play.

One popular mod that gained significant attention was IGBWhatsApp. It provided users with additional customization options and enhanced privacy settings compared to the original app. Unfortunately, due to legal issues surrounding its development and distribution, IGB WhatsApp is no longer available.

But fear not! Several other third-party WhatsApp mods for Android offer similar functionalities while ensuring a seamless messaging experience. In this blog post, we will explore some notable alternatives worth considering.

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GBWhatsapp is one of the most well-known alternatives to IGBWhatsapp as it offers many additional features not found in the official app or other mods. With GBWhatsapp, you can enjoy customizable themes, increased file sharing limits, and advanced privacy options like hiding your online status or blue ticks from others’ viewings without compromising security.

YOWhatsApp (YoWA):

YOWhastApp provides another excellent alternative if you’re looking for more control over your messaging experience than what the stock Whatsapp application offers.

With YOWhastApp, you get access to various customization options, such as changing font styles  and text colours and even applying different themes. It also allows you to hide your last seen status; you can send larger files up to 700MBs, which isn’t possible using regular WhatsApp. You’ll enjoy extra perks like scheduling messages, sending automatic replies when busy, etc..

WhatsApp Plus:

Another worthy contender on our list is WhatsApp Plus – a modified version offering added functionality beyond what’s available in standard Whatsapp. The user interface resembles classic WhatsApp but comes packed with exciting extras, including customizing the appearance of your chats, hiding blue ticks or online status from specific contacts, and even sending larger files up to 50 MB.


FM WhatsApp is another popular alternative that has gained a loyal user base. It offers features like customizable themes, increased file-sharing limits, and advanced privacy settings similar to other mods mentioned above. However, it also includes unique additions such as anti-delete messages, which allow you to view deleted messages by others in conversations.

Aero WhatsApp:

Aero WhatsApp is relatively new but is quickly gaining popularity among mod enthusiasts. The app boasts an array of customization options, including changing chat backgrounds, bubble styles, text fonts and more. Additionally, Aero WhatsApp provides enhanced security measures, ensuring your private conversations remain secure while enjoying all its added features.

While these alternatives provide exciting additional functionalities compared to stock WhatsApp, it’s important to note that using third-party mods comes with certain risks. WhatsApp does not endorse these modifications and can compromise your data security or violate terms of service, leading to account suspension or termination.

Therefore, it’s crucial only to download these apps from trusted sources to ensure they’re malware-free and always keep them updated for the latest bug fixes &security patches.


you have several excellent choices if you were a fan of IGBWhatsApp but are looking for alternatives now that it’s no longer available. Whether you opt for GBWhastApp, YOWhatApp, WhatsApp Plus, FMWhatsapp or Aero Whaspp -each one will enhance your messaging experience beyond what official WhatsApp offers. Remember to use caution when downloading third-party applications and prioritize protecting personal information at all times.