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GeaCron Apk is a historical world atlas with accurate timeline detail.

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November 17, 2022


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Have you ever thought about how countries’ maps would have looked 500 years ago around the world? Many empires have come and gone downhill due to weak successors. GeaCron Apk helps you understand the history with an interactive atlas. You can put any time from 3000BC to the current year and find the world map for 5000 years in this app.

GeaCron Apk

This app is free of cost and does not have ads. If you are a history or geography student, this app will be very helpful in understanding the empire and maps of each region. You can search also search the historical events, Areas and Cities from all eras in this app and find all map-based details as well as wiki links for all events in this app.

GeaCron Apk

GeaCron Apk is currently available in 6 languages. The size of this app is very minimal, and it works in all android versions. You can click on the plus and minus signs to the back or forth year of the map. All details in the map are historically accurate. If you love world history and Foreign affairs, then this app will be handy for understanding conflicts and the history of each empire w.r.t the timeline.

6 Reasons to Download GeaCron Apk:

GeaCron App might be small in size, but it possesses 5000 years of authentic history. You can get both Map and Wikipedia links for all historical events in this app. Learn more about the details regarding GeaCron Apk below:

  • Find all Major historical events:

GeaCron Apk

Events consist of all major and minor world conflicts, World politics, Wars, And much more. There are thousands of event-based maps to choose from. You can also read about events from the wiki link and icon to understand what kind of event that is.

  • Find All data regarding historical cities:

GeaCron Apk

There are data and maps of all cities from 3000BC to the current year on this map. You can read about the cities and see how large it was and where they belong with an accurate timeline.

  • Change app language:

GeaCron Apk

Currently, there are 7 app languages in GeaCron Apk, which are English, Chinese, Italian, German, Portuguese, French and Spanish. In future, more languages are going to be added to more people can learn about maps in their language.

  • Accurate Map Designs:

GeaCron Apk

All maps are historically accurate and designed by qualified Historians and Carftograopher. The map design is based on 2D, but it serves its purpose and provides all details which we need to study. You can also zoom in and zoom out to find details on the map.

  • Change Layers for detailed Results:

GeaCron Apk

You can change the layer such as displacement, event, city, area and relief for the map in GeaCron Apk. Displacement shows where people moved with regard to time. These small details help you understand the map with every aspect.

  • Learn 5000 years of History:

GeaCron Apk

This app has history and interactive maps from 3000 BC up to the current time now. You cannot go back to the old era but relive the movement and learn about past history, Battles and their region with GeaCron App.


GeaCron Apk is a history-based atlas with 5000 years of interactive map design. You can see all empires and country maps for each region in this app. Generally, this app will be helpful to history students, but those who are eager to learn about the old empire can also use it. This app is absolutely free of cost. Download GeaCron Apk and quench the thirst for your history and map knowledge.

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