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A simple yet addicting game where you dodge obstacles and try to get to the end of the level.

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Name Geometry Dash
Package Name com.robtopx.geometryjump
Category Arcade  
Version 2.2.142
Size 158.5 MB
Requires Android 4.0 and up
Last Updated June 3, 2024

The Geometry Dash APK is essentially a rhythm-based Platformer game. The game comes with lots of exciting features to try for android system. Let’s have a look at its details, features, installation, etc. The game is a rhythm-based game, developed as well as published by RobTop Games. The Geometry Dash APK game is launched on every android device in the year 2013. There are several players who want to have Geometry Dash app installed on their android system. The Geometry Dash APK running on your smartphone is therefore recognized as a 2013 mobile game with development credits going to the developer from Sweden known as Robert Topala. Moreover, it got published by his personal company named as RobTop Games.

It is known that users who have installed Geometry Dash app found that it is basically a single player type of game. Through Geometry Dash APK for android, you can jump and even fly your way across danger within this rhythm oriented action platformer. You can now get ready for a completely impossible confront in the field of Geometry Dash. Besides, you can drive your expertise to the limit when you fly, jump and even flip your path over hazards passages as well as spiny obstacles.  The operation of Geometry Dash app is such that you need to just give one touch for the game plays and in turn, you will get many levels which will let you amused for many hours. This is the key aspect of Geometry Dash APK.

Geometry Dash

At present, Geometry Dash APK possesses total 21 varied levels and more than 30 million of online levels. The sounds found in Geometry Dash app are very interesting through amazing rhythmic and even a sole background.

Geometry Dash APK Features

After knowing the background of Geometry Dash app for gameplay, let’s have a look at its features:

  • It provides many levels with exclusive soundtracks.
  • The Geometry Dash app works to build as well as share your personal levels through the level editor.
  • It provides ease to open new icons as well as colors in order to customize the character.
  • You can use practice mode in order to hone your skills.
  • You get the privilege for many achievements as well as rewards.
  • You can relish this game on your phone through a single hand.
  • In Geometry Dash APK, you can make use of practice mode prior playing the game for getting familiarity with the game.
  • The game provides flexibility to play by fly rockets, flip gravity, and much more.
  • You are allowed to challenge yourself and can also play the unfeasible levels within this game.
  • The game will enhance your concentration.
  • You are allowed to unlock latest characters, colors, settings, and many more.

Geometry Dash

How to Install Geometry Dash APK on your Android Phone

In order to install Geometry Dash APK, first, you need to follow the steps associated with the process of downloading. Let’s have a look at downloading steps: Before installing the Geometry Dash app, you need to note that the app for Android is basically a third-party application. Prior installing this app, you should alter few changes on the Android device you use, i.e., you need to select Allow Unknown Sources. In order to succeed that motive, just visit Device Settings and later Security Settings, which is followed by Unknown Sources.

  • First, you are required downloading this game from upon.
  • After downloading is done, prior proceeding to installation, you should allow unknown sources to be enabled.
  • After this, locate the file present on the android device and also click on Install button.
  • Now, the process of installation gets completed. Open the app and enjoy this awesome Geometry Dash APK on your smartphone.

Geometry Dash

Final Words

The Geometry Dash app for Android devices is such that you can get ready yourself for some unexpected and implausible challenge in the present impractical cube world. After careful use of this great game, you will find that you can elevate skill levels to the limit while you run and leap your path over unfeasible meltdown paths, cube obstacles as well as impossible jump. You get the privilege to play with simple gameplay which manages to provide an extremely tough challenge to hone your skills. The key is that it accomplishes all the functions in an amusing manner.

Reviewed by: Aditia Alting

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