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Call manager tool to block unwanted calls, create blocklists, and enjoy chat messenger with Getcontact Apk

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Name Getcontact
Package Name app.source.getcontact
Category Communication  
Version 6.4.0
Size 212.9 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Last Updated September 23, 2023

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Do you feel annoyed by spam or marketing calls and want to avoid such callers at once? Here’s the easiest way to identify the calls and block the users before picking them up. Getcontact Apk is a calling assistant tool for your device that lets you know about the caller before you pick up the phone. It will show a popup with the name of the person calling and the tags given by the other public.

Getcontact Apk

With this app, you can block unwanted calls, including telemarketing and sales calls, with one click. If multiple users consider the number spam, you won’t receive a call from such operators. You’ll feel safe while you have this amazing app with you.

What is Getcontact Apk?

Getcontact Apk is an amazing app to help you identify unknown callers before you pick up the phone. The app will show you the name of the person calling and whether it’s safe picking up the call. If many users report the number, you’ll know about it through the friendly popup alerts on your screen.

You can create blocklists and add all such operators at once. The app can block all the telemarketing numbers, operational calls, and sales call with one click. You can edit the list and add the numbers manually if someone is trying to annoy you. You’ll get a notification every time they try to make contact with your number.

It’s a free tool, and you don’t have to pay any monthly subscription. The app works smoothly on all android versions, but you have to grant some major permissions to let the application work. The requests include Contact, Microphone, Network, Locations, etc. It also has messenger options where you can chat with friends who have Getcontact on their phones. You can send messages, images, videos, and stickers to your partners in the chats.

Highlights of Getcontact Apk

  • Block Unwanted Calls

You can block all unwanted calls from telemarketing companies, sales calls, and fraud calls with one click. Also, it will create a list of all blocked numbers to let you edit the list to add or remove any number.

Getcontact Apk 1

  • Identify Sales Number

You’ll get a popup on your screen with the name of the person calling and the tags. The tags suggest that other users share them. If the number is from the sales team, you’ll know about it before you pick up the call.

  • Getcontact Chat Messenger

With the Getcontact messenger, you can chat with your friends who have the messenger on their phones. It supports sharing texts, images, and videos, and you can also make video calls with this app.

Getcontact Apk 4

  • Assistant Services

With the assistant tool, you can set multiple categories for your contacts: set different caller tunes and ringtones for each individual. Prioritize any number to send instant messages on every decline of calls.

  • Worldwide Support

The application works smoothly in all major countries and supports local and international numbers worldwide. You can register on this app using your mobile number or email account.

Final Words

Getcontact Apk is an easy tool to help you identify fraud, telemarketing, and sales call to block them at once. You don’t have to do it manually; the app will detect all the fake callers and do the job for you. You can review the blocklist to add/remove the numbers. If you like this assistant tool, share your experience with us in the comments.

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