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GetTube app is very helpful to those who want to download youtube videos.

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Hey Guys, in this post we will tell you about how can you download GetTube APK on your phone. We all fond of watching videos of our favourite creators on this lovely video streaming and video provide platform known as youtube. you can get everything on youtube from music videos to the latest films, all are there that too in the best video quality available. but did you ever wondered that these videos can not be downloaded by you at all, and you always have to consume your precious data on it. so, is there any alternative for such problem to solved easily. the solution is right away in the form of apk based applications for android phones that are enable to decode downloading videos from youtube. since these applications are APK based so they are not available on the playstore and you have download these as apk file and install it .

GetTube is one of the top 10 ranking in YouTube category where you can deal with such issue in ease. GetTube provides the user an additional and useful facility on their phone. With this app you can get any video to your device and watch any number of times without draining your data pack I know most of the people face this problem and it’s really a very tedious and frustrating thing to wait for buffering of a particular video, now you just download and watch the video. This app is very simple, easy to use and make available advanced fast download mode (multi thread downloader) to deliver fastest speed possible. In addition to this it gives you the access to download your favourite music and HD videos in any quality ranging from 144p to 4K from YouTube right to your android device.

How GetTube APP Works

  • GetTube is very easy and user friendly, the interface of YouTube and GetTube are exactly same so the user will not face any problem in working with this application.
  • Just open the in-built YouTube browser comprised in GetTube and chooses your favourite video which you want to download.
  • Now, Press the download button and at that same time, you can also select the format and quality of the videos according to your requirement or phone storage, as it comprises of various resolution options based on the compatibility of the android device and version.

In addition to above, I want to give some useful and crispy information about the app. It is possible to download the audio track only from the video so you can download the music from YouTube. It also allows you to download the video in background, where you can share the link from YouTube to GetTube and your download process will start, in the meantime you can also enjoy another video on YouTube. One more important thing, If the connection is lost you need not to worry because the video will not start to download from starting point , the downloader will wait for the connection and resume the video.

List of feature of GetTube APK

  • video qualities to choose : download videos choosing from a variety of range 144p poorest to the high quality 4K video. Not only that you can choose various file format as per the compatibility and performance of your phone formats like 3gp, mp4, mkv etc are available. Downloading these videos are quite simple and easy task to do.Adding on it also support age restricted videos.
  • Audio feature : you can also download download the audio of the video , as in the case of songs in formats like AAC (M4A), Vorbis, or Opus format in all bitrates
  • Subtitles: you can also download subtitles of the video if available on selected videos without any hindrance.
  • great efficiency: when it comes to the performance of the application, it is equally as good as the original youtube, with the similar interface and user friendly display that will make able to learn this app very easily. furthermore you can also pause and resume of the downloading as you require network concentration on other work.
  • Different modes for downloading: three differents mode Classic, Smart (like IDM) and Pieces (like Torrent client) are available and you can choose according to your own requirement.

How to download and install GetTube on Android

  • The application can not be downloaded from the google play store as google does not support the usage of such application.This app is freely available on the internet, but we would advise you to download the developers official site for getting the latest version of the app.
  • This application is freely available online from various apk application store, as well as the official website is also provided by the authors of the application where one can easily get access to the apk followed by downloading and installing.
  • Before downloading the application you have to follow some steps required for the proper installation of the application these are as followed.

  • drag down the notification bar and click on the settings on your device.
  • Then click on security.

  • Followed ticking ok on the option accept application from third party sources.

[Note : your android device will give a warning about the effect on security before choosing before choosing that option. For installation of the application this step is quite mandatory and you have to accept it, as without this application would not be to able to install.

Final verdict

overall, this application can be great companion for watching and downloading youtube videos, you will love having this app as it have many feature to choose from. although you can experience some disturbance from ads but they are quite tolerable.

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